Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Christmas Swag Bag for the Glam-Rock Chick

She's got attitude and is never afraid to speak her mind. Her iPod plays of mix Lady Gaga, Breaking Benjamin and angry chick music. Black is her favorite color but she'll mix it up on a whim.

Does that sound like someone you know?

Then the following gift guide is for you. Continuing with my Swag Bag series, these are little (affordable) things you can put into a black glittery bag, kind of like the goodie bags they give out at fashion events.

Make your friends feel like VIP's!

The other two guides were for the Trendy, On-the-Go Friend & the Girly-Girl.

1: Temporary Jewelry Tattoos

$3.95 @ TattooSales.com

Temporary tattoos are no longer just for little kids since both Chanel and House of Dereon released jewelry inspired tats. TattooSales.com has their own take on this trend for much cheaper, making it an excellent stocking stuffer. However, as a wholesale website, you have to buy a minimum of $10 but you get free shipping. There are four designs, each in two colorways so you can get a couple for yourself.

2: Chain Trim Sunglasses

$7.88 @ Amazon

3: Twisted Fur Scarf

$18 @ Claire's

4: Streekers Temporary Hair Dye

$9.99 @ Hot Topic

5: Skull Show Clips

$6 @ CostumeStock.com

6: Necktie Necklace

$8.99 @ Spencers

7: Fingerless Gloves

$9.99 @ Hot Topic

8: 100 Pyramid Studs

$3.89 @ Ebay

Great if your friend's a bit crafty and loves embellishments.

9: Dark Red Lipstick

$3.59 @ Ulta

10: Dark Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

$6.99 @ Hot Topic

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Elisa B said...

Ahaha I think I love your top 10 tuesdays! I didn't get it was a thing you actually post every week when I read the one about fashion sketches!
I'm a bit of a rock chic! I was a better one a couple of years ago, but things like black, studs and lipstick firmly still stay with me ;D