Monday, December 05, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] It Was Too Cold to Wear Shorts - But I Tried For This New Shirt & Hat

I love the tassels on these hats!
As the title dictates, I just got this shirt from Rue21 and the hat from Walmart - both from the men's section. I was pleasantly surprised to the the necklace print that was so popular on girls' shirts translated to a men's shirt. That, the red-gem-crosses and the 50% off made me buy it on the spot.

Alex and I have been exploring the area we moved into when we discovered Rue21 in walking distance. Although I had a lot of people telling me about this store, I never stepped foot in it until about a month ago. After some Christmas shopping, we're both loving the accessories and the super-stylish mens' clothing.

And yes, that is the Hog's Head wall plaque from Harry Potter hanging in our kitchen. Where else would we put it?