Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All About Agressive Women

I know this is a fashion and style blog but I had to say this:
Men are not real men because of aggressive women.
Men are not real Men because they chose not to be.

Let me clarify. I was in my Government class and the teacher begins talking about the socio-economic climate - the haves and the have-nots and stereotypes that go with them. Deadbeat men came up , of course - men, who by some girls' definitions in the class, are not real men. Then my teacher struck back: maybe they are not real men because the girls are too aggressive.

I had remarks. She drowned me out.

She said, "It's natural for men to be leaders...[not women]..."

Let's start with how women control 4 out of 5 stages of the buying process. Aggressive, yes, and we wouldn't do it if it wasn't natural. Sometimes we hesitate but as women, we will take control. That's what makes real lesbian sex so great. (^__^)

By 2010, women will control more than half of private U.S. wealth, or about $14 trillion.
"Men don't know how to be real men. Women are becoming too masculine."
How is making money and striving for self-realization masculine?

In 30.7% of marriages in which women work, they out-earn their husbands.
"Men have too much that they have to live up to - women with high education expect men to be educated too."
And that's a bad thing? I like that my girlfriends have similar mental capacity to mine. I like that they be willing to push themselves the way I do.

Women are central to 94% of home furnishing purchases, 91% of home purchases, 60% of vehicle purchases and 50% of business travel purchases.

"Women have forgotten their roles [in marriage]..."
I thought the role of wife was that of equal partner. True that they do control the purchases but they also look for input before they buy. Men who have opinions should give them, not just pull out their wallets.

I don't know what makes a "real man" in the eyes of a woman who wants one because frankly I'm not looking for one. I know my father worked very hard to get where he is and didn't stop just because it took my mom half the time to make the same salary. Cheers to the man who can see a strong, aggressive woman and not feel inferior. Then love her.

A man saying that women are too strong for him and giving up is one thing but when a woman says it, it feels like a step backwards in feminism. And that is just sans-style.


The Style Geek

P.S. My final remark that only two people heard was: Well if they're too aggressive for the guys, I'm sure other girls will be able to handle them. Just send a couple my way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gayer Than Gay

I wanted to share this street fashion snap from Tokyo's Gay Pride Festival this past May. covered a little bit of street style. Please pay attention to the overall gayness of her outfit. I'm stealing it for next year lol. (*__*) CUTE

So tell me where that finger's been.

STREET SNAP: Rock Out With Your * Out

These were taken outside the P!nk Concert. There were women of all ages present, a bit to my surprise.

Pink Concert Street Snap,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Her outfit is awesome - why deny it? I've seen girls half her age looking worse. But is it age-appropriate? When are we too old to rock out? When do we get too old to wear certain trends or styles?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

STYLE ICON: Funhouse P!nk

P!nk is a rockstar - the very definition. Her music speaks to so many people (who hasn't had that love you thought would last forever?), and her style is edgy and laced with a "so what?" attitude. Her concert this past Wednesday did not disappoint. Her wardrobe was a perfect blend of the latest trends and the dark carnival around it.

These are the three main outfits from the night. Sequins, lace, a motorcycle jacket - watching the concert was like watching a fashion show. If you want her look, I had a little fun on Polycore and made a few looks using Funhouse as the inspiration. The first two are less than $200 and the last one is just a little over (biker jackets and boots aren't cheap), so maybe you can spread them out over 2 paychecks lol. Or if you're like me, it might be 3 paychecks *cries*.
P!nk Funhouse Outfit 2

Thursday, September 24, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Wal-Mart Wow

street fashion dallas

Kimberly Ann Peacock is a Hair Stylist at Dear Clark, Salon. I found her at Wal-Mart, looking so cute & funky (^_^). Her jacket is from Scrapbook.

Scrapbook Clothing is an apparel line from California that uses funky prints and patches combined with soft fabrics. The line makes mostly hoodies, tee-shirts, and tanks but has recently added a dress line and a children's clothing line.It is best known for eye catching designs that are fun, cute, and hip. Motto is "Be Random, Feel Good, Wear Scrapbook!"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Model Plus One


A Little Extra
A Lot to Love

Fat - there's a lot of euphemisms we use for it but it boils down to being over the ideal weight and disconnected from the established norm of beauty - which we see every season on the runways. I had never heard of plus-size models gracing catwalks unless it was a show specifically for that market but this past Saturday at London Fashion Week, Canadian designer Mark Fast decided to show what his designs would look like on real women.

Mark Fast Plus Size,Knitwear,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek Mark Fast Plus Size,Knitwear,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Known for his artistic skill in knitwear, Fast and his design team made an editorial decision to use three models sizes 12-14 in their Spring/Summer 2010 show. We all know that Glamour's Pg. 194 shocked the world. Everyone was talking, everyone was blogging, everyone had something to say because she was showing her tummy in a fashion magazine. So was Fast just riding the buzz? His managing director Amanda May told reporters: "We wanted women to know that they don't have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress. In fact, curvier women can look even better in one." I have to agree. The grey dress below looks beautiful on this woman - it smooths out her body yet emphasizes her (sexy) curves. But then again, these are the kind of girls I like to date so I might be biased.

Mark Fast Plus Size,Knitwear,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek Mark Fast Plus Size,Knitwear,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

I've noticed the public calling these plus-size models "real women" almost to say that thinner girls aren't "real". I am over-weight. I'm not stupid. But I have never seen myself as not beautiful and not real because of this reason nor have I ever thought that thinner girls were any less real because they are thin. Real women are women who are happy and comfortable in the bodies they have. And healthy. As a diabetic, I know I have to lose weight so I won't lose my eyes or my kidneys, but I will never get down to a model's size. As long as I know I have my diabetes in control, I'll be happy, and I'll be fashionable despite my size.

I really hope Fast really is taking a step in the right direction: encouraging women of different sizes to buy his line. It's what's gonna put money in his pockets.

Monday, September 21, 2009

LGBT Pride 2009!

A few pictures I snapped this Sunday at Pride.
It was a lot of fun, despite certain mishaps.

Gay Pride Dallas 2009,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Two of my friends had dates...

Gay Pride Dallas 2009,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

My girlfriend and I exchanged "Pride Day" gifts...

Gay Pride Dallas 2009,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

And the night ended with two bottles of wine.

Gay Pride Dallas 2009,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Let's do it again next year!
(Minus the Bear that called me TRAGIC and hit me)

[STREET SNAP] Glammed & Gay

Dallas Street Fashion, Gay Street Style, LGBT, GLBT, Gay Bar

Yesterday @ Pride 2009: She was the gatekeeper for Mickey's Bar

Shiny Blue Shorts
& Cowboy Boots

What More Can the Gay Community Ask For?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tuna Talk & Butch Lesbians

In honor of tomorrow's Gay Pride Parade in Dallas, I would like to share this video about style and butch lesbians.


My girlfriend is guilty of the cargo jean crime while I do attach my keys to my beltloop occasionaly. And free t-shirts? Who gives away t-shirts? I pay for all of mine. Tomorrow, though, I'm sure I'll see plenty of sportsbras.

Do you any lesbians who need this video? Maybe they fall into the "butch" category. Maybe you've been waiting for them to wear more than a t-shirt and ball cap. So in my fashion writing class, I'm undegoing a mission to dress the butch lesbian in the new fall fashions. It's due next Friday so I'll post it then.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Hey Well-Dressed Dude, You're Late for Class!

Saw him coming out of class and I thought he was nice and clean-cut looking.

Guy With Gucci Shoes

And those are Gucci shoes.

Guy With Gucci Shoes

Dallas needs more men like him.

Friday, September 18, 2009

RETAIL THERAPY: So I Heard You Like Eclectic

As a shopaholic, it's always exciting to find new places to shop. There's the thrill of something different, something new. So when Jennifer Coffey sent me the link to her new online boutique, I clicked it without a moment's notice. And I am so happy I did because this was the first image I saw.

Two girls in cute, trendy tops on top of an army tank really capture the eclectic and unique selection at Gabby B's. Some pieces are classic with an offbeat taste while others are contemporary, trendy and should be in my closet. Brands are mostly from LA but the store welcomes submissions from local designers which only strengthens their variety.

With tops averaging at $18 and dresses at $26, the Gabby B's prides itself in defying the boutique stereotype and offering clothing that is fun, fashionable and affordable. In this economy, it's not such a bad idea.

Does anybody else have their eye on that zipper-shoulder tunic?

If you're in the New Braunfels, TX area, however, stop by their original store which is housed in a former 150-year-old tin shop. In the three years since it's conception, Gabby B's has opened up two more locations in San Antonio and Schertz, TX. With this new online presence and $6 flat shipping, Gabby B's fabulous finds are available to everyone in the U.S.

Gabby B's also hosts fashion shows in the San Antonio area so if you're interested, check out their Facebook page for pics and info. Next time I take a roadtrip south, I'll for sure be stopping by.

The Style Geek

For Girls Who Like to Express Themselves

"It’s really for anyone of all ages. Girls who like to express themselves
through fashion and go nuts and wear some cool rock and roll pieces.
~ Avril Lavigne via PEOPLE

Abbey Dawn,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,avril lavigne

I'll make a confession here and now: I've never stepped into a Kohl's in my life. So I've never seen Avril Lavigne's fashion line Abbey Dawn. But I really like what I saw of her SS2010 line at STYLE360 on Monday.

Staying true to her sk8r girl style, the line blends mainstream punk with trendy 80's funk. I've read people saying that it's too juvenile (it's for the Junior's market after all) but I see pieces I'd wear, like the horizontal stripe pants. They're probably people who loved her music back then but now think it's just not chic. The runway is full of bright colors and cute styles. If you want to express yourself through bright colors and punky prints, then please DO IT! Fashion, personal style, should be fun - like a pouffy skirt and a motorcycle jacket.

My friend has been trying to make suspenders happen for the longest time here in Dallas - I should how him this collection and remind him it's aimed at Girls 12-18 when he starts getting excited. That's his style, though, and he'll probably rant and rave that he did it first because it's fun.

Overall, it's mainstream and trendy - perfect for the Junior's Market. It reflects the Avril I worshipped as a teen. And Kohl's hits it with pricepoint too. For those still shaking your heads and saying "No! Never!" ... take a look at this necklace for $12. (^__^) You want it. You'll probably DIY one for yourself.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

STREET SNAP: Should Mall Rats Be This Cute?

Went to Barnes & Nobles at the Parks Mall last night to blog and hang out with Alex. I'm starting to love that mall - people are so friendly and not afraid of personal style. The one on the right has a dash of punk while the one on the left is a bit more sophisticated - gotta love that top. We even got hugs! Yay!

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,arlington parks mall

21 Twisted Punk

Forever 21 Twisted Punk,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Forever 21 is really getting under my skin with their limited edition lines. I think they pick my brain while I'm asleep in hopes of emptying my wallet.

In high school, my fashion was a little bit of punk, goth, and whatever was trendy. The little punk girl still lives in me and influences my style choices. So when I saw Forever 21'a new Twist line, I geeked out. Very Punk! Very Cute!

I know I'm not 17 anymore but some of these pieces (like the ones below) can easy translate to a 23 yr old. And Forever 21 knows this (bastards).

Forever 21 Twisted Punk,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

The most expensive thing actually seems to be the trenchcoat @ $29.80. The collar has little ruffles - it seems more girly than punk.

The Style Geek

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Fall - Is That You? 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to for Fall 2009

Dallas has had sweater weather for the past three days. Excuse my suspicions but I can't declare Fall just yet. You have to understand Texas weather - three days chilly and rainy then two months of dry, warm air. We call it Fall but it's not officially Fall until you can wear a light sweater for a whole week. I always look forward to Fall, not just for the fashion but for everything cool weather brings with it.

1. Gay Pride Parade.Pride is this coming Sunday. I hope the cool weather holds out and the rain stays away. I'll be taking pictures, of course. (^__^) I think we're going as big group.

2. Blazers
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,blazer,fall top 10 ten
They were all over the Fall runways and they should be in our closets. Keep them loose over a t-shirt or cami to keep your outfit from being too serious. Or try a fitted blazer for that sexy, clean cut style.

3. Shiny Black Leggings
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,fall top 10 ten,liquid leggings sexy
Black Milk has the most popular ones (namely because they make your legs look like sex) but stores like Wal-Mart and Target offer their styles. I got mine for $10 and now I need some chilly weather to wear them.

4. Sleeping Under the StarsAlex really wants to share a romantic moment under the stars and sans the mosquitoes. The stars are brighter in colder weather and it's just more comfortable. Time to get out the blankets!

5. Biker Jacket for Alex
Dallas Fashion Blog, Fall Fashion, Fall 2009, Fall Trends
We went to Express and found the PERFECT jacket. The fit, the style - she's plus size so it's harder to shop but damn! that jacket looked too good on her. At $140, we're gonna save up.

6. Burning Less GasI like to drive with my windows down when it's chilly. Add a cigarette, a scarf, and some coffee and it looks like a stereotypical film scene. But the important part is I'm burning less gas without my A/C.

7. Armwarmers
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,fall top 10 ten
Donna Karan did them on the runway and that makes them fair game. They're also one of the easiest things to DIY. It's all about the volume on the wrists so make them thick, chunky and, if need be, furry.

8. Layering in SNAP PhotosI've noticed that people in Dallas dress more stylish in the Fall when they can layer. Hopefully this will reflect in my Street Style photos in the coming months. I'm a big fan of layering anyway.

9. Boots
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek
I'm gonna have a hard time finding just the right pair since I can only afford one. I really like the biker style with a small but sexy heel (and I have to get a short heel). The boots need to have hardware - I'm looking for that hardcore look too.

10. Sandals Over TightsThe trend for tights is texture - make it lace, make it print. In this in-between weather, I'm wearing it with my heeled sandals and a cute skirt. And don't be afraid of brightly colored tights! I've got some hot pink ones ready to go!

STREET SNAP: Watch for the (Watch) Party

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,September Issue,fashion on film parker hawn

Another picture from the premier of the September Issue at the Angelika last Friday. They are part of the watch party that took place for the 7:50 showing. I can't believe I missed it! Pam Scrima in the blue dress and fabulous red sash was the coordinator for the event, which she calls Fashion on Film. She owns her own vintage shop on Lemmon, ParkerHawn Vintage, and coordinates these events to bring Dallas fashionistas together.

Her next Fashion on Film event will be for Coco Avant Chanel at the Magnolia in West Village on the 25th. I will for sure be going to this one! I'll keep posting more as I know. If you live in Dallas, join us! If you don't live in Dallas, tell your friends that live in Dallas. (^__^)

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

Saturday, September 12, 2009

STREET SNAP: The September Issued @ Mockingbird Station

Who went to the premier of the September Issue last night?? I did! And there were some snappy dressers. Tt was a fashion movie after all, but more than I could photograph. The best dressed girl I saw all night got away. (>.<) I hate it when that happens. The outfit was a mix of light pink and greys and black...

September Issue,mockingbirt dart station angelika film theater,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek
This girl was not on her way to the movie but to the comedy club next to it. Apparently the 7:00 was sold out. She likes to read fashion blogs and thinks that Dallas isn't ready for her high volume sleeves (which didn't photograph to well, damn). We'll show her!

September Issue,mockingbirt dart station angelika film theater,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek

September Issue,mockingbirt dart station angelika film theater,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek
September Issue,mockingbirt dart station angelika film theater,street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek
I don't like to play favorites but I really liked these ladies - they had style and personality. And they must have that vest made from a muppet. (^__^)