Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Fall - Is That You? 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to for Fall 2009

Dallas has had sweater weather for the past three days. Excuse my suspicions but I can't declare Fall just yet. You have to understand Texas weather - three days chilly and rainy then two months of dry, warm air. We call it Fall but it's not officially Fall until you can wear a light sweater for a whole week. I always look forward to Fall, not just for the fashion but for everything cool weather brings with it.

1. Gay Pride Parade.Pride is this coming Sunday. I hope the cool weather holds out and the rain stays away. I'll be taking pictures, of course. (^__^) I think we're going as big group.

2. Blazers
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They were all over the Fall runways and they should be in our closets. Keep them loose over a t-shirt or cami to keep your outfit from being too serious. Or try a fitted blazer for that sexy, clean cut style.

3. Shiny Black Leggings
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,fall top 10 ten,liquid leggings sexy
Black Milk has the most popular ones (namely because they make your legs look like sex) but stores like Wal-Mart and Target offer their styles. I got mine for $10 and now I need some chilly weather to wear them.

4. Sleeping Under the StarsAlex really wants to share a romantic moment under the stars and sans the mosquitoes. The stars are brighter in colder weather and it's just more comfortable. Time to get out the blankets!

5. Biker Jacket for Alex
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We went to Express and found the PERFECT jacket. The fit, the style - she's plus size so it's harder to shop but damn! that jacket looked too good on her. At $140, we're gonna save up.

6. Burning Less GasI like to drive with my windows down when it's chilly. Add a cigarette, a scarf, and some coffee and it looks like a stereotypical film scene. But the important part is I'm burning less gas without my A/C.

7. Armwarmers
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek,fall top 10 ten
Donna Karan did them on the runway and that makes them fair game. They're also one of the easiest things to DIY. It's all about the volume on the wrists so make them thick, chunky and, if need be, furry.

8. Layering in SNAP PhotosI've noticed that people in Dallas dress more stylish in the Fall when they can layer. Hopefully this will reflect in my Street Style photos in the coming months. I'm a big fan of layering anyway.

9. Boots
street fashion dallas lesbian lez style style geek
I'm gonna have a hard time finding just the right pair since I can only afford one. I really like the biker style with a small but sexy heel (and I have to get a short heel). The boots need to have hardware - I'm looking for that hardcore look too.

10. Sandals Over TightsThe trend for tights is texture - make it lace, make it print. In this in-between weather, I'm wearing it with my heeled sandals and a cute skirt. And don't be afraid of brightly colored tights! I've got some hot pink ones ready to go!

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