Friday, April 30, 2010

[OOTD] Argh Matey! It's Murder on the Dance Floor!

style geek,outfit,fashion blog,ootd clI was inspired by pirates yesterday, in case it's not painfully obvious. Right down to the accessories. My girlfriend calls those the pirate boots and the earrings reminded me of the netting you see on pirate movie ships.
style geek,outfit,fashion blog,ootd
style geek,outfit,fashion blog,ootd

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[RUNWAY JUNKIE] Sergey Ermakov's USA Debut Show

The Fashionistas did it again. This time, they brought Dallas the USA debut of Ukrainian haute couture designer Sergey Ermakov. From the first outfit out to the classical music overhead, I could tell that this show would be unlike any of the other shows I've attended.

The first part seemed like a battle between forces of light and dark - the climax of a fantasy movie where good and evil finally meet. There was a battling juxtaposition between the hard casing of the dresses and the light airy intricacy of the details. The feathers, sequins, lace and beads were instrumental in creating this effect while the strength of the music only amplified it.

The result was a completely breathtaking show.

The fashion show benefited the American Foundation for the Blind and Center on Vision Loss as Sergey himself has lost 95% of his site to diabetes. It's because of that last 5% that he does not like to be called blind. And after seeing these gowns, who could ever believe he is?

Click Photos to Enlarge

[STREET SNAP] All The Love You Put Out Will Return To You

Street Style,Fashion Blog,Dallas

She was walking out of half price books as we were walking in.
Went to see Kick Ass later that night - I highly recommend it!

Enjoy the Music:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[OOTD] Gold - It Makes the World Go 'Round

For Judging Battle of the Brushes Last Week
Outfit,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,OOTD
Outfit,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,OOTD
Outfit,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,OOTD
Outfit,Fashion Blog,Style Geek,OOTD

@ the DFW Battle of the Brushes w/ Teddy Charles

Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,HairI recently had the opportunity to judge a local hair styling competition sponsored by Sunsilk. They're going around the country hosting Battle of the Brushes to promote their new line co-created with NYC runway stylist Teddy Charles. Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair In case you're not familiar with Teddy, he recently style the hair on the cover of Teen Vogue.

I arrived at the Battle of the Brushes a little early and watched the stylist set up. Christian Iles in the blue and David Sance in the gray were both from the Perry Henderson Salon. They were chosen by a panel of Dallas' who's-who on style. Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair

Christian actually used the product beforehand and told me he liked how light it was as opposed to other products that can leave hair tacky. He was a bit nervous as anyone would be before a contest, especially when the nature and theme of the contest was announced. The stylist had 15 minutes to do a hair style based on the product Captivating Curls.

Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair

Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair Christian started off really strong, shaping large curls and adding volume everywhere he could. David reminded me of a hair samurai, being very quick and precise with both the product and his brush. Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair

During the 15 minutes, Teddy was giving the crowd hair consultations and free Hydra TLC product to the crowd that had gathered. Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair I'm surprised more people didn't come by.

At the end of the 15 minutes, Teddy, Bri Crum of the Fashionistas and I consulted about the looks. Christian did an updo in 15 minutes, which was impressive, but it was frizzy and a little messy. Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair
David, on the other hand, had gone with a casual look of loose curls. It was very light and airy. In the end, we decided on David because his look had an ease about it yet remained polished. He commented, however, on the lack of hold that the product had. He gave his look two hours before it started to frizz.

Teddy Charles,Battle of the Brushes,Dallas,Sunsilk,Stylist,Hair

If you'd like to try the new products for yourself, Sunsilk has graciously donated some bundles to giveaway my readers on the Dallas Fashion Calendar! So if you live in the Continental US head over there and check out the bottom of the posting for more information.

To enter, just subscribe to the Dallas Fashion Calendar. To be entered twice (even thrice), post about the contest to your Twitter or Facebook. Each post gives you an extra entry. You can use this shortened link:

Monday, April 26, 2010

[PROJECT RUNWAY] Did Anyone Else Think Hot Topic Nazis?

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion BlogAnother season of Project Runway has come and gone - this one a little bit more dramatic than the last but that's great for TV. Last Thursday, my girlfriend and I got a pizza, made some butterbeer and cheered for Seth Aaron all episode. There was even a moment where we wondered if we should kiss when he won - LOL - we're dorks like that... But they really did kept you guessing during the judging!

Speaking of the Judges, somebody on Twitter that night mentioned if Heidi owed Emilio money. I know his collection had color and structure but it wasn't WOW! until the very end. Then someone on Twitter and my girlfriend simultaneous said his print looks like vomit and I have to agree. Those aren't the most flattering colors to put together.

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

I liked Milla's collection better but they came off a bit ready-to-wear. I like her combination of black, white and gray (mainly because it matches my wardrobe) and I saw a couple of pieces I'd like to own. She did good by updating her model's looks. I especially like the one at the very end (Attitude!).

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

I would have chosen Jay in last week's episode, however, because his collection looked a little more outrageous. It probably would have made a better show. I also liked him better as a designer throughout the season. He had fresher vision.

I wholeheartedly agreed with Milla when she said that Seth Aaron's collection was like a "glamorized Hot Topic" but that's what helped him win. He pushed a little past the fashion edge into artistry and gave us a show. I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed, though, if Hot Topic releases a few pieces inspired by his collection. Especially because I loved those leggings with the plaid.

Project Runway,Style Geek,Fashion Blog

The casting for Season 8 has started and, as a total geek, I can't wait! And please Lifetime - no more Models of the Runway! We have enough with America's Next Top Model!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today's weekly geek is coming a day early because tomorrow is so chock full of fun... I'm co-judging the Battle of the Brushes at noon in Irving and then I'm having a Project Runway-Finale-Viewing-Date-Night with my girlfriend tomorrow night. And somewhere in there I have to get my transmission looked at. I stopped at a red light and then slowly rolled backwards. "Daddy, Fix It!" didn't work this time because he knows very little about transmissions.

But the Project Runway Finale is tomorrow. Yay! My girlfriend and I are on Team Seth Aaron. His aesthetic is rock star chic and his overall attitude is so chill. It's a rare combination so I really hope he wins. I can't wait to see his collection. I know pictures were out on the web during fashion week but I like to wait and go at the show's pace. I'm a Project Runway Geek like that. (^o^) Also, I'll be microblogging on my Twitter, Myspace & Facebook during the episode tomorrow with a final posting at the end of the night if anyone wants to join me online.

style geek,eco,gree fashion,horse dress,reuse,recycle,clothingThis week started off with a horse. As many of you know, today is Earth Day and fashionistas everywhere are encouraged to wear organic fashion like this unusually cute Horse Dress by Mika Organic. They believe that it is "our responsibility as members of this planet to be sustainable and tread lightly on the natural world we live in" so all their dresses are made in part with 100% Organic Cotton, Wool & Mohair. It's a really great concept but it's gonna be a while before organic clothing is a staple in the avg. American's wardrobe. A lot of people still refuse to believe that we're hurting our Earth. Remember "The Day After Tomorrow"?

mantis project,style geek,eco,gree fashion,horse dress,reuse,recycle,clothingI heard about this while my parents were watching their shows in Spanish: Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero makes clothing out of recycled cigarette butts! Not as gross as it sounds... And it may not be completely organic but it sure is Earth-friendly if you consider that at least 4.5 trillion [non-biodegradable] filter-tipped cigarettes are deposited annually somewhere in the world. After collecting roughly 5,000 cigarette butts, Guerrero purifies them, dyes them and a spins the butt's cotton fibers into yarn ready for production. The end result has been a few pieces that are 10% recycled cigarettes and 90% natural wool under the name Mantis Project. You can check out their blog for more pictures.

Please watch this video and tell me what's so offensive about it! ABC and Fox refused to air this Lane Bryant commercial allegedly due to the cleavage - it's too much. WTF?? SERIOUSLY?? How is this different from Victoria Secret commercials? Or some of the cleavage they on their shows? Lane Bryant agrees, "Yes, these are the same networks that have scantily-clad housewives so desperate they seduce every man on the block, and don’t forget Bart Simpson, who has shown us the moon more often than NASA, all during what they call “prime time." The commercial had to be rebuffed and re-edited three times and Lane Bryant threatened to pull the ad buy before they aired it at the end of "American Idol". I agree that it seems that "ABC and Fox have made the decision to define beauty for you by denying" the commercial in the first place.

Found this picture on Facebook. I love the overall look and feel of the photograph. It's by a local marketing and promotions company, Alimain Industries. The headpiece is amazing and I've contacted them about who it's by. While searching for it online, however, I did find this Studded Hair Bow on Etsy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plus-Size & Pretty = Curvy & Kickin' = PHAT & Fashionable

Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus SizeI had the pleasure of attending a plus-size fashion show last Thursday at Ditto, a small consignment boutique by Lovefield Airport. The line is called Jibri and the designer Jasmine Elder (the one in the blue on the far left) came all the way from Atlanta to showcase her Spring line in an intimate setting.

She didn't want people expecting some big fashion show but rather something small for those who are really interested in the clothes. If you're in Dallas, at least a 1X and enjoy classy style, you should have been there.
Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
Fellow fashion blogger Chastity Garner was there modeling a beautiful aqua and white dress. I actually found out about the event through her examiner blog: Dallas Plus-Size Fashion Examiner. She seems very confident about her curves whereas I got to great lengths to hide mine sometimes.

The line is classic and vintage inspired. The structure smooths and compliments the curvy body. If you like it, you can vote for her as Plus Designer of the Year at the upcoming Full Figure Fashion Week.

I'm not really Jibri's target customer so I brought along my friend Allison to take some pictures.

Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size

That's right - there's a Fashion Week especially for plus-sizers! This is apparently the second one... but I never heard about the first one. (>_<) It's very exciting to hear about about this type of event. Out shopping, it always seems that all the horrible prints and weird cuts were reserved for people over a size 10. It sucks because so many women are over a size 10 and that shouldn't mean that they can't be pretty or feel glamorous. Jibri,Trunk Show,Dallas,Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Plus Size
I've met a few sizist in this industry and I believe they're just doing what they know as stick-figure beauty has dominated fashion for so long. But why be size-snob when there's so much money to be made? Why not be the deviant who makes a change?

Full Figured Fashion Week™ founder, Gwen DeVoe puts it best "Plus-size fashion is still not being taken seriously enough by the industry. It's not a novelty - it's a reality for millions of women across the country." Whoever figures out the secret to affordable, stylish, plus-size clothing that caters to these millions of women will be making some serious cash.

As far as my demographic goes, Forever 21 is trying with Faith21 but after an hour in the changing room, it feels like the clothes is joke made by someone who doesn't quite understand the taste and the bodies of curvy 20-something-yr-olds. (-_-) I could tell you a thing or two about the bodies of curvy 20-something-yr-olds...
  1. They're beautiful and fun to touch ... Don't hide them.
  2. They like smooth silhouettes with structured fabrics so what's with all this droopy jersey??
  3. They're not always unhealthy or unhappy ... So don't assume.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

[GEEK OUT] Fashion Gives Us Backbones & Butt Bustles, Japan Gives Us Ruffles & Fallen Angels

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Geek Out,StyleNicki Minaj recently did a photo shoot for XXL that featured her a la Marilyn Monroe. While I'm not a big fan of hers, I am a huge fan of that bracelet. It's all about size, or so I've heard! (LOL)

I looked around for a similar one and found a very affordable one at Torrid for $12 and an uber-cute one by Betsey on Bbay (love the bow). But the best one was at a random store called Silver Fever - it resembles Nicki's the most and won't break the bank.

If my GF hadn't already gotten me an anniversary present for this Saturday, I'd be hinting at this bracelet. (*__*)

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Geek Out,Lady Gaga StyleAs a big Gaga Geek (._.) I love to see how she's affected fashion overall. She's helped take the glitz and glam trends one step further but you can't deny the effect she's had on dark fashion either.

For example, remember the spine monsters on Bad Romance? Check out this Marly Gommans dress with ruffled spine detail. It's just one of those dark quirks that Gaga has brought to light. You can see the full photo shoot by Joost van Brug @ Trendhunter or on his website.

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Geek Out,StyleSo is the butt bustle coming back? I snapped a girl at local fashion show back in February who was also sporting some butt ruffles. And anyone who caught Project Runway 2 weeks ago remembers Michael Kors going to town on Jay's ass-accentuating dress because no woman would want to look like she had a big butt or big hips. I personally love a little junk in the trunk.

Marko Mitanovski doesn't mind highlighting it. You can see pics from his deliciously dark collection at WithAsianStereotypes or watch the runway show show on his website. It's sure to tickle (maybe even lick and suck) your Gothic bone.

Style Geek,Fashion Blog,Geek Out,Japanese Street StyleI this picture of ruffle socks over at and I was overcome with nostalgia. I miss those ruffly, lacy socks my mom bought me when I was little!

We always got them when we went down to Mexico because you could buy a dozen pairs for like $2. Thus my sisters and I had quite a collection until fifth grade deemed them unfit.

The whole heels-with-sock thing is back so I'm wondering if ruffly socks with heels would be faux pas? Especially because I already have a pair with black lace and a little skull on the side.

Angel Sanctuary, Manga Style, Anime Fashion, Cosplay, Style GeekOnce upon a time, the great angel Alexiel rebelled against God because she was disgusted with corruption in Heaven... or so the story goes in the manga Angel Sanctuary. Artistically dark, it's one of my favorites for bondage-style outfits and twisted characters.

When I saw these black leather spats on my Reader, I automatically thought of Alexiel. She's got that white purity of an angel but all that black leather symbolizes her rebellion.

Made by Steampunk designers AudraJean in San Francisco, the spats are really high fashion and a unconventional alternative to thigh-high boots for anyone looking to be unconventional and maybe even start their own rebellion.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[SPONSORED POST] Wanna Get the Hot Viking Look?

The best part about maturity is realizing that you're never too old to happily watch an animated movie about dragons. My girlfriend's mom took us to go see How to Train Your Dragon this past Sunday - we were the only group without kids but the movie was worth it. I recommend you go see it. It's very lighthearted, the graphics are great and the ending... well let's just say that it's more grown up.

I would also like to know if the Pixar character designers watched the Fall 2010 runway, specifically Michael Kors. Or maybe Michael Kors was inspired by Vikings...

Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking
Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking Michael Kors Fall 2010 Viking

Now look at the teenage vikings in the movie. You can tell they modernized their outfits because they're the young, relatable characters.

How to Train Your Dragon Style How to Train Your Dragon Style How to Train Your Dragon Style

How to Train Your Dragon Astrid StyleThe one who always stands out, as far a modernized outfits and attitude go, is the Leading Lady. In How to Train Your Dragon, it's Astrid (voiced by my-doesn't-know-it-yet-GF America Ferrera), a very rough and tumble girl who takes kicking dragon ass very seriously.

Her outfit deviates from everyone's general Michael Kors look to reflect her tough-no-nonsense attitude. But I liked it so much, I took the look over to Polyvore. I had to tweak the color around a bit but the skirt has the same feel.

Also, I know I have seen them online SOMEWHERE - decked out shoulder pads that held on by a harness. Garbage Dress blogger makes some with little wings but I was looking for the ones with chains and spikes. Why is it that when you're looking for something you can't find it?