Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Black, Blue & Birthday Drinks All Over

This is the outfit I wore to my friend Yuki's 21st birthday party this past weekend. It's a mix of thrift store (suede trench & striped shirt), local boutique (skirt from Ouch! Fashion) and Hot Topic (black wire necklace & belt off Alex's Tripp pants). I felt the stripes and chain were a small tribute to 90's Goth and Alex fervently agreed. She loves the darker side of my style. I'm starting to re-embrace it after a few years of believing I 'HAD' to grow out of it.

As for the party, Yuki's girlfriend had the whole night planned, starting with a limo (my first ride actually), followed by karaoke and hookah.

Me + Alex = Limo VirginsYuki = Mic, Yuki's GF = Drink
Party Time!Alex Singing "If I Die Young"Who the F*k Gave You the Mic??
Smoking Cigars - Like a BossRiding in a Limo - Like a Boss

I need to stop reading 9gag in my spare time. (-_-;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seeing Red at #NYFW (For Valentine's Day)

Red is the color of fiery passion, romance and power. It's symbolic of the blood that pumps through our veins and keeps up alive. It's also my favorite color so I've been loving it's presence on the runways as well as people's lips.

Red is also the quintessential Valentine's Day color as it is the color of love. I'm not really into commercial holidays but I broke down and bought Alex roses and chocolate. I prefer showing my love throughout the year with random little gestures.

But in honor of love, commercial holidays and my favorite color, I picked out my favorite looks from New York Fashion Week that really reflected RED.

Starting with power on the right, this Diesel Black Gold ensemble reminded me of Alice from Resident Evil. I half-expected her to take a gun out of that bag and start shooting zombies. It must be the juxtaposition of the hardware with the flow and texture of the skirt.

Diesel Black Gold Marc Jacobs Rodarte
Libertine Alice + Olivia Christian Siriano

The range of reds next season will across the spectrum - from bright fire engine to deep burgundy wine. Bright red, though, looks really great in prints while deeper shades look better on structured, elegant pieces. And to my personal, pleasant surprise, the gothic combination of red and black still seems to prevail after all this time.

Cynthia Rowley DKNY Thakoon

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Monday, February 13, 2012

[STYLE SCRAPBOOK] Infuse Your Style (And Life) With a Little Love

Since ancient times, rose quartz was been the go-to gemstone for attracting love. With Valetine's Day around the corner, I know a lot of people's attention - willing or not - turns to matters of the heart. So this Polyvore collection centers around and is inspired by the power of this gemstone.

If you're wanting to attract a relationship this Spring, I highly recommend incorporating rose quartz into your outfits. I know there will be a lot of neons and bold colors in the coming months but the subtle pink shades of the rose quartz can compliment just about anything.

A few style notes to keep in mind when wanting to draw love into your life: the color pink is about attracting romantic love while red is more about passion, roses are also historic symbols of love so floral prints will strengthen the power of your rose quartz, and a splash of lavender works best on your way out the door.
Everyone Could Use A Little Love
Everyone Could Use A Little Love featuring:

Mixing Neons
Mixing Spring 2012 Neons with the Power of Rose Quartz featuring

Friday, February 10, 2012

She Was Looking Elegant On A Casual Day

I saw Kyla the Burlesque Dancer when I went to deliver business cards at ONLi Boutique. She seemed almost too elegant to be walking around the Bishop Arts District at 2pm, and I was really digging the hat.

Turns out she was passing out flyers to a local art show that's she's performing in tomorrow. I don't quite know if my evening is free but, if it is, I'm so there.

The art gallery has been up and running in my old neighborhood yet I still haven't been. I feel like I need to attend as many cultural events in said old neighborhood as it is trying to shake its horrible reputation (think drive-bys and drug dealers). Indie fashion boutiques, art galleries, soda shops, burlesque shows and awesome coffee - I think it's come a long way since I was a kid.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Monday, February 06, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Sparkly Dances In The Darkness Of The Night

Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD

I didn't realize until after I was dressed how much gray I was wearing. It's recently become a great alternative neutral to all the black in my closet.

Normally gray is a very sad and somber color, associated with cloudy days and depression - which is why I paired it with lots of shiny accessories. My friend used a wonderfully amazing Nikon D-SLR to take these pics of me attempting to pose, which turned into a funny wide-step dance. I was feeling the sequins.

Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD
Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD

The silver sequin vest comes from a local place that sells really interesting clothing but no labels I can identify. Some pieces I've found are trendy while others look like they've been pulled from the streets of Japan. I just wish they had more cool stuff in my size.

I'll probably put a boutique page up on this blog in the next month which features fashions from this place as well as some new jewelry pieces from my girlfriend.