Monday, February 13, 2012

[STYLE SCRAPBOOK] Infuse Your Style (And Life) With a Little Love

Since ancient times, rose quartz was been the go-to gemstone for attracting love. With Valetine's Day around the corner, I know a lot of people's attention - willing or not - turns to matters of the heart. So this Polyvore collection centers around and is inspired by the power of this gemstone.

If you're wanting to attract a relationship this Spring, I highly recommend incorporating rose quartz into your outfits. I know there will be a lot of neons and bold colors in the coming months but the subtle pink shades of the rose quartz can compliment just about anything.

A few style notes to keep in mind when wanting to draw love into your life: the color pink is about attracting romantic love while red is more about passion, roses are also historic symbols of love so floral prints will strengthen the power of your rose quartz, and a splash of lavender works best on your way out the door.
Everyone Could Use A Little Love
Everyone Could Use A Little Love featuring:

Mixing Neons
Mixing Spring 2012 Neons with the Power of Rose Quartz featuring

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