Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[WISHLIST WEDNESDAY] Trendy Bones! Wearing Your Inside on Your Outside

Check out this beautiful silk coat I saw over at StyleBizzare. It took designer Jamie Avis 4 days, 10 gel pens and a great mix of talent and patience.

Skulls have been a little trendy for over year, seeping past the alternative scene into mainstream. It's no surprise then that around the Halloween season, the rest of the human skeleton followed. The US is a little slow on the pickup, however, as skeleton tights appeared in street fashion for a while.

My go-to place to buy hosiery is Ebay - which can be great for pricing but suffer when it comes to quality. So for I'm 50-50 when it comes to hits and misses. But a few months ago, after seeing the street fashion pics, Ebay disappointed me with the lack of larger sized bone tights. Are there fashionable plus-sized girls on the other side of the world?

Their current selection hasn't changed in terms of sizing. I thought that if I waited closer to Halloween a few L-XL's would pop up but alas. For tights that would actually fit my size 14 ass, I had to turn to Halloween stores like Spirit. The website shows they carry larger sizes (yay!) but most are sold out (boo!). However, I haven't rechecked the store down the street from my apartment lately. The pink ones are pretty cool but I'm still leaning more towards the sheer ones in the middle.

Halloween Skeleton Pink Leggings Adult Women's Costume (Google Affiliate Ad) Halloween Skeleton X-ray Adult Stockings (Google Affiliate Ad) Halloween Skeleton Over the Knee Socks (Google Affiliate Ad)

Tights not your thing? Rib cage shirts have been around for a while (with or without tiny hearts) and recently took on more fashionable cuts. My sister (left) found her shoulder-cut-out, semi-sheer top on Ebay but when I searched, my best find was the middle picture in a S-M. I also like Hot Topic's colorful romantic take on the right.

Where else can bones be found? Other than inside your body where they belong... Necklaces and gloves are two other popular places. Just ask my girlfriend, who bought skeletal gloves from Party City and cut off the fingers (left). I've been meaning to do the same.


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