Thursday, October 13, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY THURSDAY] Random Pretty Things at T-Hee Gift Shop

Last week I attended a small blogger party held at the newly opened T-Hee Gift Shop here in Dallas. I've always liked gift shops because they're normally full of random, pretty things. T-Hee was no different, and the fun spirit behind these random, pretty things was the philosophy for the store.

1: Halloween OwlsThese glitter owl critters caught my attention as I walked into the door. Their Halloween display table was full little decorations but the owls really stood out with those cute purple eyes.

2: Locker WallpaperI would have killed for a roll of this in high school. I had the random magnets, magazine clippings and drawings but the wallpaper really would have made it feel like home.

3: Lifesize Cardboard CutoutsThis is probably the closest I will ever get to Jack Sparrow but I'm okay with it. If neither Jack nor Elvira are your cup of tea, they also have Justin Beiber.

4: Festive Sunglasses

5: Attitude Button EarringsIn case you're like me and have run out of place to pin a button that supports/confuses/insults people, they now come as earrings.

6: Scented CandleMy new favorite thing now that we have our own apartment. Candles give a room a certain ambiance that you can't get with most lighting. Alex and I both agreed to come back for the Mint Mojito and Rosemary Sage candles.

7: Paper Fashion WorkbookIs this what paper dolls evolved to? I don't know who the paper fashions are for (no doll in book) but I love the idea of designing my own witchy outfit.

8: Good Witch BagI like the the display overall - it takes a crafty-looking bag and makes it more than just a costume accessory.

9: Fuzzy Ball KeychainsThe imagery of them is a lot dirtier than what they are. My sister first turned me on to them as phone charms in Japanese street style photos.

10: Rainbow ChandelierI don't think it's for sale but it looks awesome over the register. My apartment has low ceilings but I think we can still make one fit LOL.


StyleMeBAD said...

I want the paper dolls scrap book!! I love doing things like that i just dont have the time it feels like!

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