Saturday, October 22, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Old Fashion Outfit Meets New Fashion Projects

This outfit is old - almost a month to be exact - but I've decided to clean up my "TO BLOG" folder by posting everything from event to outfit pictures over the coming weeks. I feel like I started this blog to share these parts of my life and thoughts to anyone who would listen but I've been doing a shitty job at it.

The only good thing about the lack of posts is the increase in design work I've had. I think I should add a whole section in my portfolio dedicated to tattoo artists. Because there are still a lot of people who look down on tattoos, I think their creativity is under appreciated.


Despite all the great artists whose I've been designing cards, I miss working with the fashion industry. It's been a while since I added a designer, stylist or mua(h) to my client list. That's why I was excited when Karen, a local event producer, contracted me for some fashion show flyers (design below). I want to do more of these but I'm trying to figure out how to position myself as a fashion/style graphic and web designer.

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style me bad said...

hey im in need of a logo designer!!! Any interest?!