Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[STREET SNAP] Cute Style May Protect You From Bad Shark Movies

I'm going to start doing my TOP 10 TUESDAY post every other Tuesday so they seem more spaced out and I have to time to to assemble a good, well-thought-out list. So today I bring you a quick street style snap I took Friday night at the discount theater in Plano, TX.

For $4, Alex and I saw Shark Night not in 3D. Confession: we enjoy bad, indie B-movies. What made this a "bad" movie? Apart from the overly aggressive sharks, the antagonists were motivated by the high ratings on Shark Week. It was cheesy suspense and worth it (LOL).

Street Style, Dallas, Plano, Texas, Cute Fashion

I saw these two ladies walking in right before us but forgot to ask what they were watching. I didn't see them in our theater so I doubt sharks were part of their night. I really liked all the layers and the oversized knit sweaters.

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StyleMeBAD said...

You and Alex are so cute! Glad you enjoyed the movie!

And these girls are super cute, loveee the big knit sweaters. This reminds me I need to get into an Urban Outfitters asap, its starting to get chilly here in NYC.