Thursday, September 09, 2010

She's Wearing Drag & I Just Can't Help Myself

It's no secret that I'm as deeply attracted to girls in drag as cute girls. Truthfully, I have yet to meet a type of girl I don't like. But gayness aside, I did a little mental dance back in Spring when Menswear was cited as one of the upcoming trends for Fall. There is just something indescribably sexy about a women in a crisp white shirt, suit pants, and a tie. I think most guys and straight women who have crushes on butch girls would agree.

Take, for example, the following pics from Vogue Homme Japan.

Masculine Fashion,Menswear,Men's Fashion, Boi, Drag King, Lady Gaga Masculine Fashion,Menswear,Men's Fashion, Boi, Drag King, Lady Gaga

This is Lady Gaga's alter ego: male model Jo Calderone. I know performing drag kings that don't quite pull off the transformation like she does, but they'll agree that it's an art. I think she looks downright sexy in drag and the spread makes a lot of (fashion) sense when you consider the trends.

Also this month, PAPER Magazine features Michelle Trachtenberg plus 11 more ladies getting "In Touch With Their Masculine Side". She sure has come a long way since Harriet the Spy. Apparently, Trachtenberg had no problem impersonating a dude for a day. "My sense of humor is very dirty," she told the magazine, stroking her facial hair. "Most of my friends are guys, except a handful of girls. I talk and think like a boy."

Masculine Fashion,Boy Style,Menswear,Fashion Blog,Boi Masculine Fashion,Boy Style,Menswear,Fashion Blog,Boi Masculine Fashion,Boy Style,Menswear,Fashion Blog,Boi

Other notable ladies include model Jenny Shimizu (who has gotten "in touch" with her masculine side for countless magazines) and designer Charlotte Ronson (who seems to channel her DJ twin sister in this pic). You can read the article and view the rest of the pics here.

Masculine Fashion,Boy Style,Menswear,Fashion Blog,Boi If you're looking to "drag it up" for the Fall season, don't forget that button up shirt is a timeless classic. Pair it with the basic slacks and suspenders or add a faux-leather vest for the harder look like Jo.

To get right hair to compliment this look, take out the hairspray and a hair tie. Make sure to poof the top like Tracy from the Real L Word on the cover of BOUND magazine.

It'll go really well with a crisp white shirt and trousers, but don't be surprised if cute baby-lesbians hit on you. Wink and take it as a compliment.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

House of Mob Corset Show Combined Togas & Techno

The Dallas underground isn't really known for their sense of fashion but it's there. Every now and again, they hold an event that will make people take notice, like a corset fashion show by local Steampunk designers Garrett Mobley & Sarah Davis of the House of Mob.

The theme of the night was 199 B.C. Pantheon - togas were optional and encouraged. It was part of a Gothic/Industrial night called PANOPTIKON that happens every weekend in Deep Ellum. The crowd wasn't your usual fashionistas but they were unique.

The show debuted their new fashion line Forbidden Apple "Core Sets" by chief clothing designer Sarah Davis. And there's no denying that House of Mob put fashion on that runway. Anyone looking for the usual Fall trends should note the brocade patterns and fur on the corsets below. If you're looking to spice up their fall wardrobe should, consider the high-gloss red corset - one of my personal favorites.

Runway Gallery

Thursday, September 02, 2010

[SHOP GEEK] Versace Suede Boots for Less? Close Enough

Fashion Boots,Versace Fashion Boots,Versace

So Versace has these deliciously tempting suede boots for Fall. They're a sexy mix of suede and patent-leather, and come in two colors: Purple (@ Net-A-Porter) & Black (@ Saks). Sadly, they only come in one price: $850.