Wednesday, September 08, 2010

House of Mob Corset Show Combined Togas & Techno

The Dallas underground isn't really known for their sense of fashion but it's there. Every now and again, they hold an event that will make people take notice, like a corset fashion show by local Steampunk designers Garrett Mobley & Sarah Davis of the House of Mob.

The theme of the night was 199 B.C. Pantheon - togas were optional and encouraged. It was part of a Gothic/Industrial night called PANOPTIKON that happens every weekend in Deep Ellum. The crowd wasn't your usual fashionistas but they were unique.

The show debuted their new fashion line Forbidden Apple "Core Sets" by chief clothing designer Sarah Davis. And there's no denying that House of Mob put fashion on that runway. Anyone looking for the usual Fall trends should note the brocade patterns and fur on the corsets below. If you're looking to spice up their fall wardrobe should, consider the high-gloss red corset - one of my personal favorites.

Runway Gallery

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know you had been there and saw the show. Thank you for reporting on it!

W. Garrett Mobley
House of Mob

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for covering our event but I would like to point something out to you that is really upsetting to me. ESPECIALLY seeing as I am the clothing designer for House of Mob and you have totally given all the credit to my partner Garrett who does the accessories designing.

I am disappointed that you would do something such as this and NOT check your resources! I was responsible for all those lovely corsets that graced the runway that evening and I never met you. You never spoke to either myself or to my partner regarding who was responsible for the designs.

I really enjoyed your blog up until the moment you completely screwed up the information regarding our event and TOTALLY disregarded the designer, MYSELF, in the entire story! If this is your desire to write about fashion either in magazines or in blog spots in order to maintain credibility, YOU MUST GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! Now I have no idea whether or not your facts are accurate and I wont be wasting my time reading your blog even though I really miss the fellowship of other designers.

I have not worked so hard over the last year to get my name out and spend three years in design school to just be casually forgotten about, or not recognized for my hard work, because some wanna be reporter can't take the time to find the facts out about the company they are writing for.

Yours truly

Sarah Davis
Head Designer for House of Mob,
Luscious Eve, and Forbidden Apple Corsets

Style Geek said...

@Garrett, I noticed you were busy with the show and felt it best not to bother you. After the show, I danced a bit but didn't stay long as I had other plans that night.

@Sarah, First I meant no disrespect to you as a designer - quite the opposite, I love showing off local fashion to anybody who reads my blog. And second, you're right, I should have double-checked and seen that you are the chief designer. I have corrected the information on the blog. I hate to lose you as a reader but know that this doesn't usually happen - I check my facts because I know anger of when credit is not given. I hope one day I can earn you back.

~ Isabel, The Style Geek

Sarah said...

Corsets, togas, and techno... sounds like a good time to me ;)