Thursday, July 30, 2009

[RETAIL THERAPY] $47.69 @ dots

I went to a store called dots while I was passing out flyers yesterday. I had less than $100 in my bank account but I REALLY REALLY wanted to shop. Everything there is so cute and trendy and CHEAP. I spent less than $50 on work clothing and cute accessories. I've been wanting some scarves. Except now I'm pimping my newsletter-making services because I don't get paid till NEXT Friday and THIS Friday (tomorrow) is the Screaming Red/Girl In a Coma concert at Sue Ellen's with my dear girlfriend. *lesigh* At least I have a good car - that's what you need in Dallas, a good car.

style geek, my closet, street fashion dallas, lesbian style style geek, my closet, street fashion dallas, lesbian style
style geek, my closet, street fashion dallas, lesbian style style geek, my closet, street fashion dallas, lesbian style style geek, my closet, street fashion dallas, lesbian style

I really needed more tops that covered up my tattoos without being too hot - Texas weather sucks as of now. Hot, humid - I need to move up North. Plus, maybe with nicer clothing I can get a better (non-ghetto) job.

Next time I get paid, though, I going back. I need another pair of skinny jeans since I went down again and I want these leggings. $8! How can you say no?? And what I love about this store is that it carries sizes 0-24. Need a nice outfit fast and cheap. Google the nearest dots to you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Paciugo's Style

In West Village, there's an gelato store that is to die for: Paciugo. One small cup with three flavor scoops is less than $4 with tax. Alex and I shared a mango, tutti frutti, and rasberry cup. Delicious!

Their lights and chandeliers are made from the colorful sample spoons - awesome, right?
Street Fashion, Dallas Style,West Village
Street Fashion, Dallas Style,West Village

And while there, of course, I saw some interesting people who just happened to work in fashion. [^__^]

We loved his shirt and his red shoes.
Jeans: Rogan
Favorite Store: Urban Outfitters
How Would You Describe Your Style? "I'm very open to being creative."

Fashion Designer who enjoys nautical themes and going to the beach when she's not working.
Dress: Ralph Lauren

[DAILY OUTFIT] The Last Outfit The Grey-t Vest Challenge ~ Was It Project Fail?

This was my Sunday outfit for The Grey-t Vest Challenge and also my last one. Yesterday, Monday, my outfit for work just plain sucked so I won't be posting it. I wasn't really sure what to make of it but it all boils down to my work clothes suck. I don't really buy nice clothes or put together creative outfits for work because I don't really see the point. I don't really work in a place where creativity or presentation is appreciated.

At first I felt like a failed in my little project but I did come up with some great non-work outfits. I think those make up for the "professional" outfits I couldn't create.

[STREET SNAP] Sunday @ West Village

West Village is part of uptown - a trendy, affluant part of Dallas next to Downtown. I can't really afford any of the clothing there but walking around and sippin' lattes is just as fun.

The color of her dress makes me think of all the nice things about summer.

She works for the Michelle Patricks Salon in Cedar Springs (The Gayboorhood) and apparently this Friday, they are hosting a mini-fashion show where they will be doing the model's hair. July 31, 2009 @ 8 PM - I will be there. And after, there's a concert my girlfriend and best friend want to go to at Sue Ellens, THE lesbian bar/club in Dallas.

I saw this guy at Froggie’s Uptown, a really cute gift store.
He didn't want his face to show up, even though I gave him props for the shorts!

Also at Froggie's Uptown, I saw these adorable Momiji dolls on display. At $14.99, I can get half a tank of gas or a doll. But DAMN they're cute!! I think they're for people who don't have to make decisions like those.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

[DAILY OUTFIT] Saturday Night at Home For The Grey-t Vest Challenge

Forever21 Grey Vest, Clothing Challenge, Personal Style Blogger

So we WERE going to go out tonight but my girlfriend's new computer made me emo. It would not work and I wanted to tear it apart. We're just gonna call tech support because my techie powers just weren't enough!! Hence the emo.

So instead we watched movies at home and drank some wine. [-__-]' Tomorrow, however, I'll be in Lewisville/Carrolton with my camera. So DFW humans with cute outfits beware!

[DAILY OUTFIT] Saturday Is Not For Working

Forever21 Grey Vest, Clothing Outfit Challenge, Personal Style Blogger OOTD

I had to work this morning but didn't want to get out of bed. Anyone else? Especially since most of the day was spent training and bitching. At least my supervisor said I looked good. I was the best dressed at the training! [^__^]

[DAILY OUTFIT] Night Time Netting For The Grey-t Vest Challenge

Style Geek Personal Style OOTD, Fashion Blog Daily Outfit
Yesterday, went out for sushi and drinks.
I didn't really feel like accessorizing because I think fishnet speaks for itself.

Friday, July 24, 2009

[GEEKING OUT] Hello Mommy Bag

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek,hello kitty mom bag

I also wanted to share this quick snap I took of a mother of two.
I really love her Hello Kitty bag. She got it on a recent trip to Las Vegas for $26!
Jealous [>__<]

[DAILY OUTFIT] Found My Grey-t Vest Challenge Twin!

grey vest challenge, Clothing Challenge, Corporate Fashion, Personal Style Blogger

This was my work outfit for Day 3 of my Grey-t Vest Challenge and reminds me of something an elementary school teacher would wear. My girlfriend poked fun at it.

I had a really shitty day at work with a guy making a shooting threat and me messing up a lease so last night was spent drinking and watching Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind. Oh, my darling Clementine!

When I was on Japanese Streets yesterday, I found somebody else with a grey vest! He's not as cool as me... LOL he really is and I might steal this outfit as inspiration.

street fashion, Japanese Street Style

Thursday, July 23, 2009

CLICK THIS: Looking at Other Streets

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geekstreet fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geekstreet fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek

This is one of my favorite sites for inspiration. I always wish I could photograph people this creative on Dallas streets. *le sigh* But how would everyday people react if they saw Lolitas like these walking down the street?

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek

Oh, wait - they stare, sometimes they make faces. It happens at every convention. People seem more use to it now, especially in Downtown Dallas. Fluffy dresses, neon spandex, and spikes in strange places. I do think, though, from looking at other fashion blogs, people in the DFW are very conservative.

But it's my job to find the fashion nut cases! Or at least be one. The girl in this first picture below - I need that dress to breathe. ^___^

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geekstreet fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geekstreet fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek

I also saw this phone while browsing. O__O I like! Come on American phone manufacturers - stop making everything so black and silver and boring!!! Let's start a petition lol.

street fashion dallas lesbian lez style,style geek


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[DAILY OUTFIT] Great Laundry Hero for The Grey-t Vest Challenge

Nothing really special but this is my casual vest outfit as I battle piles and piles of laundry. Yes, that is a sword in my hand and I know I'm a dork. Still addicted to the Repo: The Genetic Opera soundtrack, which I played in the background as used my ninja skills to swiftly fold my mom's shirts.

[DAILY OUTFIT] A Little Grey on Grey Action At Work For The Grey-t Vest Challenge

Work OOTD, Clothing Challenge, Personal Style Blogger

I wanted to break the grey with a little hot pink. My tattoos showed on my arms but no one said anything so whatever. I love this shirt but with my recent weight loss, I have to start looking for new clothes. Can you tell the pants are baggy? And you will never see me wear heels to work - I can't outrun dangerous people in heels.

[DAILY OUTFIT] Baking & Zydrate Anatomy for The Grey-t Vest Challenge

My casual vest outfit for Tuesday. Simple but I really like how the shoes match the vest.

Outfit Challenge, Forever 21 Vest, Personal Style Blogger

Yesterday was my friend Allison's birthday and I baked this cake for her. The cake's theme is a movie called Repo: The Genetic Opera. The inspiration is surgery, organ repossession, and addictive blue drugs in glass vials. It looks kind of sloppy because the red gummy worms I used for blood and guts got too runny but she loved it anyway.

Repo The Genetic Opera Birthday Cake

Below is the trailer so you get an idea of blood and mayhem and OMG Paris Hilton looks so hot! It's an indie movie and, apparently, a lot of the female costumes came from her closet.

Favorite song from the movie so far: ZYDRATE ANATOMY. Listen - it's addictive.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Grey-t Vest Challenge

Grey Vest, One Piece, Multiple Outfits, Clothing Challenge

Meet my grey knit granny vest. It cost $5.99 at Forever 21.
And I want to show the versatile it can be.

For the next week, I'm planning on incorporating it into every outfit I wear, no matter how dressy or how casual. I work 6 days a week, I have 2 birthday parties to attend, and I get paid Friday so I'll be going out then.

Doing the math, it totals out to roughly 13 Outfits starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/21/09. Work rules are simply slacks plus a nice shirt, and some days I stay home a veg out in front of my computer.

Friday, July 17, 2009

GEEKING OUT: Fashion Solitaire **ADDICTIVE**

If you like fashion movies and fashion games and
dressing people up,
this game is TOTALLY for you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

[OOTD] Pink Killer

My casual outfit from yesterday. Same grey granny vest but completely offset with the hot pink. I'm trying to wear more color but my closet is 70% black and 20% denim . That leaves 10% of dark colors and the occassional print. Please don't let my face scare you, btw, I was trying to smile and make a little heart for my readers. FAIL.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[DAILY OUTFIT] New Versatile Granny Vest from Forever21


This is my new vest from Forever21. It is soft and casual and goes with so much! Being gray, I think it has so much versatility. I've been wearing it almost everyday, including to work today. Black, simple - just throw on the vest.

Speaking of work, I suddenly hate my job more. Why should I even dress cute? The tech guy came in and installed a "Big Brother" program onto my computer. My claws came out - my computer, work or home, is mine - do not touch. Everything is installed and set-up how I want it.

He was asking me about the programs I had installed like Photoshop and Publisher but I make all the flyers so I need something better than Word. The real deal, however, is that the company wants to monitor us and make sure we're not online chatting like the last manager. So damn, I might not be able to update during lunch anymore.

[STREET SNAP] Harry Potter 6 Midnight Show

Harry Potter last night was awesome!! *geeks out* If you read the book, then you could tell the movie was a mainstream adaptation. They added more mush and took out some good fights. They better make up for it in 7 & 8 because that book is full of fight.

Overall, I recommend it to everyone, of course! (^o^)

I saw this fan coming out of the theater. The belt, the scarf, the shirt - she looked good.

My friend Allison had the same shirt on. Actually, the whole group was wearing Harry Potter t-shirts on loan from Alex. That's FIVE shirts in all (babe!) and she still had another five in her drawer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[GEEK OUT] Slash My T for Summer Heat

So I'm at work doing my daily fashion blog reading and I find this on Streethearts. I can't think of another way to keep cool this summer (except being naked). I think this should totally be a summer trend. And what if you put a bright colored tank underneath? Did I mention it was HOT in Texas today??

Monday, July 13, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Looking for Bloody Organ Operas at Entertainmart

I was deadly sick yesterday but I still managed to go out with Alex and our friend Allison. She needed the distraction. We went to Entertainmart looking for Repo Man, a musical with bloody organs. My baby is a freak - she likes to make out with bloody horror movies in the background. Don't judge. You're probably weirder. (^___^)

But the world needs weird people - people who aren't afraid to be out of the box - the square pegs in the round holes... This girl represents that - she looks cute and you can tell she's a square peg. XP

Saturday, July 11, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Payday Spent Perusing the Parks Mall

Geek Chic: I'm coveting her glasses, and the shirt is Shibuya Mon Amour from Forever 21.

This one is a very different silhouette from what I've been seeing but cute nonetheless. The belt and the necklace were what really caught my attention.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Independence Day Purikura & Cake at Super H-Mart inCarrolton

In Carrolton, there is a shopping center centered around a grocery store called Super H Mart. My friends and I love to go to WithPhoto for the sticker-photo machines from Japan called Purikura. These are the ones we took. I wore a blonde wig specifically for some 4th of July pizzaz.


I also like going because there are always stylish people walking around. Though some turned me down for pictures but I managed to get a couple that day. My camera was acting up for this first pic so I ended up using my smart-but-not-so-clear phone.

Super H Mart Street Style
Super H Mart Street Style
Super H Mart Street Style

The middle lady on the almost didn't let me take her picture - I guess she thought I was weird - but I'm glad she did because this shirt-dress is so cute with the blue tights. The bottom shirt on the is the best part of that outfit, though, the color and bermudas really make the outfit scream Happy Fourth of July!

Mozart Bakery

Everyone left after that to get ready for the fireworks. Alex and I just chilled at the bakery Mozart for a little while and snacked on their super-awesome-orgasmic mango and blueberry mousse cakes and blueberry bubble tea. I recommend it for non-diabetics. (-__-)'

I, on the other hand, burned off my excess sugar by running around with colorful explosives till 1 AM. Some idiots next to us, though, set a small patch of field on fire. It was one of the best Fourth of July's I've had in a long time!