Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[DAILY OUTFIT] The Last Outfit The Grey-t Vest Challenge ~ Was It Project Fail?

This was my Sunday outfit for The Grey-t Vest Challenge and also my last one. Yesterday, Monday, my outfit for work just plain sucked so I won't be posting it. I wasn't really sure what to make of it but it all boils down to my work clothes suck. I don't really buy nice clothes or put together creative outfits for work because I don't really see the point. I don't really work in a place where creativity or presentation is appreciated.

At first I felt like a failed in my little project but I did come up with some great non-work outfits. I think those make up for the "professional" outfits I couldn't create.

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Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Third shredded attempt will be the good one!
I also want to try soon, I have to buy a CHEAP tee first :D