Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[DAILY OUTFIT] Baking & Zydrate Anatomy for The Grey-t Vest Challenge

My casual vest outfit for Tuesday. Simple but I really like how the shoes match the vest.

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Yesterday was my friend Allison's birthday and I baked this cake for her. The cake's theme is a movie called Repo: The Genetic Opera. The inspiration is surgery, organ repossession, and addictive blue drugs in glass vials. It looks kind of sloppy because the red gummy worms I used for blood and guts got too runny but she loved it anyway.

Repo The Genetic Opera Birthday Cake

Below is the trailer so you get an idea of blood and mayhem and OMG Paris Hilton looks so hot! It's an indie movie and, apparently, a lot of the female costumes came from her closet.

Favorite song from the movie so far: ZYDRATE ANATOMY. Listen - it's addictive.

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Bad Bangs said...

Hi there,

I just stumbled upon your Blog and just wana say thanks for the movie suggestion, I'll be watching it tonight
Maria D