Wednesday, July 08, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Drag Kings & Adult Questionnaires at Local Bar Buddies II


Last Friday, I went to the LGBT bar/club Buddies II for a presentation by local drag king group The Dukes of Dallas. I dragged my beautiful girlfriend Alex who'll support me through anything - even when I'm talking with complete strangers.

This Street Snap is a bit special as I decided to do mini-impromtu-interviews on our stylish contestants - some of the question are a bit adult. Also, apparently, somebody was winking at Alex as I interviewed them.

I love the shirt on this first guy but he was in a hurry out of the club so I didn't ask him anything.

Wendy, the Bisexual Bartender.

I like her torn-shirt-and-bright-bra look. Edgy but girly. And OMG boobs! Haha... I think my lesbian just showed.

She likes girls who are "really cute, not to feminine, a little butch - not too butch though. Gotta have a car and a job...mostly... that's really important."

Favorite Sex Toy?
Glass because "it's always slick" and "never needs lube."

Sharee, 100% Lesbian

I personally didn't think it was a Little Black Dress type of night but it's pretty nonetheless. This LBD has lots of little details that keep it from being too simple, like pockets.

She likes girls who who are "confident...nerdy girls. My wife is confident. She's a confident nerd."

Favorite Sex Toy? Feeldo
Tips on Usage? "You have to train your internal vagina wall to hold it."

Amy, Styling a Broken Foot

It takes a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to pull off looking this good in an ankle boot.

She likes girls who make her laugh. "Girls that like to have fun." She is currently "kinda single but kinda complicated."

How do you complicate single?
"All lesbians have their ex's..."

Favorite Sex Toy?
"I don't know the name but it's pink and it vibrates and it lights up when it vibrates."

Jessie, Femme to the Core

Her necklace is so cool. It's one of those pieces that says a lot about a person but can still stand alone.

What do you look for in girls?
"Here for the King Show, that's what I look for in girls - I love butch girls."

And that's when she dragged King performer Seth in for a photo op.

What do you like about butch girls?
"I like their appearance the most: their style, the way that they dress, the way they're comfortable with who they are. Whereas Fem girls aren't so with looking a little bit more manish. I like butch girls because they're more comfortable with who they are."

Favorite Sex Toy?
Her Double-Header

Current Crush?
Seth ~ "She's Hot"

I think Seth likes photo ops - here she jumped in with Sharee.

Over all it was fun. Not as crowded as usual. Amateur night seems to pull in a bigger crowd. I'll be back then because Alex turns 21.

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