Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[DAILY OUTFIT] Now That She's Back From That Soul Vacation, Tracing Her Way Through The Constellation (Corpus Christi Trip Day 1)

My younger sister, Alex and I went down to Corpus Christi in the middle of the week recently to see a friend. The trip was half-planned, half-impromptu and drained the small reserve of money we had. But we go out of town often for conventions so it was nice to go just for fun.

The short trip, though, was totally worth it. Even when we go for business, I love road trips. I love the open road and the random things you see along the way (like this alien). I love the sense of freedom that comes with the road, although being alone with my thoughts at 1:00 AM can be little unnerving.

Alex's idea of vacation differs than mine in amount of activity: I wanted to go see more of the city, do things but she wanted the simplicity of a date. So when we finally got to Corpus, Alex and I spent the first day taking it easy and walking around the mall. We shopped a little and hung out - which in and of itself was a vacation from our daily lives. I got some plaid shirts, fangirl pins for my purse and the sequin scarf below.

A little bit of style inspiration via Lane Bryant and Macy's. I'm loving the rhinestone skirt and the Spider-Man shirt is proof that geek culture has gone mainstream.

We also took a moment of silence for what's left of Claire's "Goth" section. I know it ages me but I loved the huge section they had way back when, it's where I bought all my accessories. The "Goth" wall has been replaced by "Glam Rock" - it's the new dark and edgy thing. I don't hate it but the things I love have been reduced to a sad 4-way rack. At least they still have armwarmers.

We spent the rest of the day just driving around...

Do you enjoy road trips? What's your idea of a vacation?


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