Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[STREET SNAP] Cute Style May Protect You From Bad Shark Movies

I'm going to start doing my TOP 10 TUESDAY post every other Tuesday so they seem more spaced out and I have to time to to assemble a good, well-thought-out list. So today I bring you a quick street style snap I took Friday night at the discount theater in Plano, TX.

For $4, Alex and I saw Shark Night not in 3D. Confession: we enjoy bad, indie B-movies. What made this a "bad" movie? Apart from the overly aggressive sharks, the antagonists were motivated by the high ratings on Shark Week. It was cheesy suspense and worth it (LOL).

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I saw these two ladies walking in right before us but forgot to ask what they were watching. I didn't see them in our theater so I doubt sharks were part of their night. I really liked all the layers and the oversized knit sweaters.

Monday, October 24, 2011

[GEEK OUT] Random Pretty Things

I was recently inspired by Dress With Courage's weekly post "On Sundays I Smile" and Style Me Bad's "A Photo Diary of Things I Love".

Unless I took the picture myself, clicking a picture will take you to it's source.

Damn Priorities! Really Want This Purse @ Ross
Nicki Minaj's Outfit ~ Cosmo Nov'11 Cover "Halloween" Socks from Party City ~ $1
Alice and Olivia dress

Saturday, October 22, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Old Fashion Outfit Meets New Fashion Projects

This outfit is old - almost a month to be exact - but I've decided to clean up my "TO BLOG" folder by posting everything from event to outfit pictures over the coming weeks. I feel like I started this blog to share these parts of my life and thoughts to anyone who would listen but I've been doing a shitty job at it.

The only good thing about the lack of posts is the increase in design work I've had. I think I should add a whole section in my portfolio dedicated to tattoo artists. Because there are still a lot of people who look down on tattoos, I think their creativity is under appreciated.


Despite all the great artists whose I've been designing cards, I miss working with the fashion industry. It's been a while since I added a designer, stylist or mua(h) to my client list. That's why I was excited when Karen, a local event producer, contracted me for some fashion show flyers (design below). I want to do more of these but I'm trying to figure out how to position myself as a fashion/style graphic and web designer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY THURSDAY] Random Pretty Things at T-Hee Gift Shop

Last week I attended a small blogger party held at the newly opened T-Hee Gift Shop here in Dallas. I've always liked gift shops because they're normally full of random, pretty things. T-Hee was no different, and the fun spirit behind these random, pretty things was the philosophy for the store.

1: Halloween OwlsThese glitter owl critters caught my attention as I walked into the door. Their Halloween display table was full little decorations but the owls really stood out with those cute purple eyes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Happening - Fashion Week Dallas!

I think this news is long overdue for supporters of the local Dallas fashion scene. This past Monday, the Dallas Weekly newspaper sent out a press release announcing Fashion Week Dallas. That's right - the holy grail of local fashion, which has been whispered and wished, which was happening then not, finally got a date: January 16-22, 2012.

The man spearheading this project is Dallas Weekly's newest fashion editor Mahiri Takai. Takai founded his own production company in 2007 - Mklinks Models/Fashion Shows and Fashion Syndicate Press - and has produced shows in London, Florida, Atlanta, and California.

"The wait is over," says Takai, "We have fashion week in our grasp and we are going to make this one of the biggest and best.“

This event will provide a core focus for the local fashion industry centered around a schedule of major fashion events and activities. Fashion Week Dallas (FWD) will be about celebrating and showcasing our extraordinary talent in the world of Fashion. In turn, Takai hopes FWD will leave a legacy that will support and nurture our fashion stars of tomorrow.

"The concept of this exciting series of shows is to create opportunity for local designers, stylist, make up artist, and talent to truly showcase their skills," continues Takai, "In this glamorous environment, fashionistas, men, women and children alike will enjoy top-of-the-line runway shows and have the opportunity to place orders and interact with the designers."

FWD will highlight the breadth and depth of the talent in the Texas and will position Texas (namely Dallas) as the creative capital we all knew it could be. Among the planned activities, FWD will bring in the world’s most exciting emerging fashion designers to Dallas for the Fashion 2012 International Fashion Showcase. There will also be a major push for Dallas Menswear and an educational project in collaboration with Designing Dreams and FIT.

Takai adds, "Fashion lovers will be in fashion heaven as they spend a stylish week in Dallas soaking up the latest in fashion design."

Designers or their representatives will be available to take orders on the spot. Boutique and specialty fashion buyers, fashion representatives, socialites and corporate sponsors are also sure to enjoy these events. Different designers will be featured at each Fashion Preview, ensuring a new presentation for every audience. And at the end of FWD, attendees will vote for the Top Emerging Designer.

According to James Washington, Publisher of Dallas Weekly newspaper, “In 2012 the eyes of the world will be upon us - we want to show the world that Dallas is the leading force in the global creative sphere. Our fashion reputation is second to none and we will ensure that reputation is showcased and celebrated to the broadest possible global audience and that there are opportunities for the whole of the industry to get involved and participate.”

FWD will officially start on Monday, January 16 2012 at South Side on Lamar with a word from FWD Chair Mahiri Takai. While the bulk of FWD is planned to take place at South Side on Lamar, shows and activities will be scattered around Dallas, including a Wednesday luncheon for buyers and boutique owners.

If you are a local designer who would like to be a part of FWD, please read the Requirements Page and contact Takai as soon as possible.

The FWD website is still under construction but we will keep you posted when it goes live. Meanwhile you can contact Mahiri Takai at mklinks@yahoo.com.

Monday, October 03, 2011

[STREET SNAP] Vitaminwater Uncaps Local Fashionistas

A few weeks ago I attended the Vitaminwater Uncapped Fashion Show, which was a contest between 10 local designers. More info, pics and video (still editing) coming soon, but I feel a tad late in posting some guests that caught my attention with their style.

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