Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gone Is The Flaming Heart And With It Torrid's Soul

I knew Torrid was making changes. The Torrid nearest to me recently moved from the Arlington Parks Mall to the Arlington Highlands shopping center, but it wasn't just the location that changed. Gone were the sensuous purple walls and boudoir lighting, gone were the gothic black decorations that brought it all together, even after the product went through a drastic change years ago. At least it was still Torrid, and to all the plus-size alternative girls, Torrid represented the hope that we were visible long before blogs and selfies.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Getting Crafty With 10 Supernatural Items on Etsy

The Supernatural Mid-Season Finale was tonight, which means I have 5 Tuesday nights free and Alex has 5 Tuesdays mornings without the Heat of the Moment alarm. It was a compromise after she threatened to throw my phone out the window. With all the live blogging going on, I felt it was the perfect night to post the Supernatural anti-possession bows on our Faye's Realm Etsy store. I'd been meaning to for a while since we don't have any conventions for about three months.