Thursday, May 31, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Stripes, Spots & Batwings ~ Plus New Plans for Creepy Things

OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog A steady stream of web and print design business has been trickling in and keeping me busy lately. I just finished and, but I'm still working on and my own site Lots of tattoo websites - not that I'm complaining since I recently bought some flashy summer sandals (pictured below). I'm still getting the hang of walking in them as they are kind of heavy and don't like uneven surfaces.

I've also been asked to chair some fashion-related commitees, which I'm not able to talk about just yet. I'm excited but worried about time contraints. It was recently brought to my attention that I take my new netbook to every social outing, and that I've neglected my family for about two weeks (turns out my mom is starting a new job on Tuesday WTF). So it's probably not the best time to plan new projects but I think my brain would shrivel up and die if I stopped having ideas.

OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog
Pink Animal Print Tank, Walmart   •   Striped Skirt & Batwing Shawl, DOTS   •   Necklace & Belt, Hot Topic
OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog

The Beginning of Madame Creepy'sAttic
And what pray-tell is this new idea that threatens to burst hungrily from my head unless given full project status? It's not really a "new idea" but an old dream I had of owning a boutique that catered to people with darker, stranger tastes. So kind of like Hot Topic? Yes and no, because the twist is that Madame Creepy's Attic (working name) is a resell shop. So its more like Buffalo Exchange meets Hot Topic with a little bit of thrift thrown in.

I'm still working out the business plan but I'm taking Alex's suggestion and starting with an online storefront in the coming months. I hope one day it becomes a brick-and-mortar store (because I want to decorate the hell out of it) but I don't know if Dallas is the right city for it (though it would be nice in Deep Ellum).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[SPONSORED POST] The Importance Of Men's Footwear

shoesAny outfit can be made or ruined by a bold choice of footwear. Choose the wrong pair and the proportions and finer intricacies of an outfit can come a cropper. Choose the right pair and everything is set to fall into place.

Deciding which footwear to go for when shopping can be difficult. In any shoe shop, there is bound to be an array of different styles and brands from which to choose. That said, it is an important decision, to which consumers should devote some time and thought. Both the style and the brand can play a big role in helping you decide which pair is for you.

There is an age-old saying that suggests that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes that he wears. There are some shoe designs that come in and out of style, whose stature in the world of fashion falters and alters by the season. There are others whose style and ubiquity precede their name.

Without even mentioning the myriad of shoes available on the market, there is an almost endless list of fashionable and practical styles. If you’re having trouble deciding on which shoe is right for you, why not fall back on a reliable classic?

Founded in 1825, Clarks mens shoes are timeless classics. And there is no substitute for the class and simplicity that they offer. From a simple beginning in a small Somerset town, Quaker brothers Cyrus and James Clark turned a small family shoemaker into a global phenomenon. Today, the Clarks name represents superlative quality of manufacture and design.

Responsible for a number of iconic styles – including the ‘Desert Boot’ and the ‘Wallabee’ – Clarks have made a name for themselves as one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers. With huge markets in the US and the Far East – as well as in the UK – Clarks are now established as a brand of global prestige.

If you are struggling to reach a decision on your latest pair of shoes, consider looking to Clarks. With such classics strapped to your feet, you’ll be full of confidence, with a positive approach to the world around. You can expect to find a pair of Clarks from any reputable high street dealer, or online.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[WISHLIST WEDNESDAY] Versace's Dark Crosses & Armoured Fall 2012 Runway Prepare Women For Battle

Hot on the heels of World Goth Day, Versace's 2012 Fall RTW popped up on my Reader exuding the right type of Darkness to be called Goth-inspired. I've dedicated posts to modern medieval style and crosses used in fashion, but this collection blends both in what seems to be a tribute to The Crusades.

Speaking of The Crusades, most of these pieces would be perfect for a Church assassin - like in the movie Priest. I could totally see them fitting in a dark, post-apocalyptic vampire movie (cover yourself in crosses and the vampires can't get you).

Cross motifs aren't as big a part of my wardrobe as they were five years ago. Seeing them more online (and on my sister), though, I feel nostalgic and want to incorporate them in again. I'll probably start with a tank or two, more rocker chic than the bedazzled, faith ones. These beautiful dresses by Versace, however nice, are way out of my price range.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Dark Forest Is No Match For Kristen Stewart Seducing Herself (And Me) In Drag

As total geeks of movies with dark ambiances, there was no way that Alex and I would turn passes to an early screening of Snow White and the Huntsman. Got watch if you're a fan of fairy tales, Kristen Stewart or Chris Hemsworth - or all three like me. I really like how much detail they put into the Evil Queen, both her backstory and her dresses, which were the right mix of cold metal and darkness. My favorite scene, however, was the Dark Forest which was exactly the thing of nightmares to fit in with the story.

For the most part, I liked Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Snow White but she lacked expression in certain instances (what's new?). I wanted the character to be stronger, but even thought she felt short of a warrior, at least this Snow White fought back and did her best to survive - which is a great change from the housekeeping princess in the Disney tale. There was also too much emphasis on Show White's "purity" which annoyed me.

Less annoying, however, is Kristen Stewart's spread in Elle where her male-doppelganger seduces herself. I've mentioned before that I adore women in drag, and although sometimes Kristen's expression annoys me in movies, I like her gentleman attitude and style in this spread (aka she's hot). Also, something about taking on this male persona draws Kristen away from that bored, sleepy gaze she's known for - check out how intense her eyes are now.

I know I've asked before but why is there such a big fetish of women in men's suits? I personally like the androgyny, the intersection social gender norms, that says the norms should not exist. I doubt most straight men would agree.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Busting Out of the Closet: A Corrected List of "Most Stylish Lesbians"

Most Stylish Lesbians, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion Last week Global Grind published called Hip-Pop's Most Stylish Lesbians, and needless to say, the list was pretty short. So short, in fact, that they just went ahead and added Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan - neither of whom have been confirmed as lesbians (Ronson has confirmed she's bisexual and Lindsay keeps people guessing).

I have nothing against bisexuals, I actually believe they exist, but if the article says "Stylish Lesbians", use all lesbians. You might confuse people into believing that we sleep with men. It sounds absurd but I've seen it happen a lot in media - people using the world "lesbian" when they mean "bisexual". And I blame this media for the guys who hear "lesbians" and instantly think they can get in on the action.

My gay agenda aside, I know there's to be a lack of lesbians in the Hip-Pop Culture - in general media to be more exact - but with a little research, the article/slideshow could have shed light on indie Lesbian music artists and gotten of good variety of stylish lesbians.

  1. Patricia Field
    How can you not have a "Most Stylish" list and not pay homage to the Mother of Style? She gets style points simply from her resume! For anyone who doesn't know, Patricia Fields - who styled Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada - is an out lesbian. Her quirky sense of style (with a spoonful of rock star) should not be ignored but I might let it slide because she's not technically part of the Hip-Pop culture (though she helped create it).
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Patricia Field, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  2. Ellen Degeneres
  3. Portia de Rossi
    Ellen and Portia both made Global Grind's list but I still felt the need to point out that they make a very stylish couple. Ellen, for her classic, tomboy-ish style which inspired a post back on her 53rd birthday, and Portia who does casual with a touch of chic and personality.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Portia de Rossi, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  4. Amber Heard
  5. Taysa van Ree
    Amber and Taysa are another couple who made the list and always look amazing on each other's arm. I especially love Taysa's creativity when it comes to her dresses.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Amber Heard, Taysa van Ree, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  6. Beth Ditto
    Not just a lesbian icon but a plus-size icon, she is not afraid of taking her fashion too far or too sparkly. If you still need convincing about her stylishness, you can also check out the music video "Heavy Cross".
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Beth Ditto, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  7. Leisha Hailey
  8. Camila Grey
    In case it's not evident, stylish lesbians come in pairs. Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray are not only bandmates for Uh Huh Her but they are also dating (or at least were last time I checked). Leisha's style is a bit cuter while Camila mixes elements of elegance and androgyny. You might recognize them from a recent Southwest Airlines debacle where they were kicked off the plane for kissing. More music video style below.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Leisha Hailey, Camila Grey, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  9. Tegan & Sara
    Because they're a twin-sister, rock duo, some people have the tendency to refer to them as one entiity - kind of how I did here. I think combined, they have a one up on Samantha Ronson's hipster-meets-young-boy style. The embedded song - "Superstar" - is my favorite, although Alex is a bigger fan.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Tegan & Sara, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  10. Jessica Clark
    A model who has sworn off runways but continues to be featured in publications like Allure Magazine, Vogue India and Glamour Germany.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Jessica Clark, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

Pics via NYmag, Zibio,, USweekly, Art of Wor, Material World Tumblr,, A Gay A Day Tumblr,,, and

Friday, May 04, 2012

[DAILY OUTIFT] She Decided To Start Living the Life She Imagined

We're going to Colorado on a mini-roadtrip this weekend. Just like that - Alex, our friend Allison and I are renting a gas-efficient car to drive 14 hours to see the Devil's Carnival in Denver with the hopes of seeing getting Emilie Autumn to sign Alex's arm and Terrance Zdunich to sign Allison's boob. We're not even staying that long since we have to return the rental car by Monday at 5pm.

When we decided to do this last weekend, the prospect of pulling our funds together for something so rushed gave me the worst anxiety. It's not the trip itself - I love the idea of picking up taking a quick trip. But it's just the idea that I love so much because, in reality, stretching your resources for something so fleeting is just irresponsible. What if we come back broke? What if we don't get Emilie's autograph? Will the trip have been in vain?

And that's why I've never taken one of these "Let's Just Do It" roadtrips that I hear and read so much about.

I've gone out of town for conventions and family trips but everything has always been pre-planned and budgeted months in advance. Nothing has ever been on a crazy lark that involves an autograph tattoo. It almost seems like the premise of a bad teen movie.

I guess at some point, however, you have to go beyond just reading about adventures and watching them in movies - you got to have your own. You have to take the crazy risk that fear always held you back from and really live life.

I'm guilty of preaching this ideal yet never completely following through. I've always played on the safe side of risks, never taking the plunge unless I had a well placed safety net. Maybe it's time I took my own advice... Although I can honestly say there is some netting for this adventure but not the sturdiest.

The title for this post came from a quote I saw on IFB's Pinterest that has resonated with me since I repined it. It's had me asking questions about the roads I never took but wanted to take. It illuminated a few regrets that I try not to think about but still haunt the moments in between my thoughts.

Life might be too short to do everything. We should, however, try to do as much as what makes us happy. We should stop trying to live through other people's stories and create our own - live the life you imagine - even if it means jumping blindly into a dark abyss.

There as much of a chance that there is pudding at the bottom as there is sharp rocks.

As for the outfit that goes with this little musing, it's got the same color scheme (even the makeup is matchy-matchy) as the jester outfit I'm planning to wear Sunday night. That one I will HAVE to post as I'm making the neck and wrist ruffles myself from glitter material.

The dangly earrings, red shoes, red zebra-print tank and black overshirt all came from local bargain clothing store that never ceases to disappoint me - I mean check out the shoes! The red skull tie and belt are from Hot Topic, the tights from Ebay and I recently bought the cuff on sale at Torrid. I bought the hair bow from Incorrigible Dames at the burlesque show in early April.

If you want to know exactly what we will be watching on Sunday, the trailer to the Devil's Carnival is below. It's from the same guys who did Repo! The Genetic Opera (which I'm a big geek for) - from the dark undertones even thought it's basically a musical.