Saturday, February 12, 2011


About a month ago, HolierThanNow did a post on over sized crosses as a fashion accessory, asking if it was offensive to religious people. It never crossed my mind that it could be offensive.

I believe that fashion is fashion for the sake of fashion and doesn't always have or need a meaning. While it's true that a cross is a talisman for many Christians, it also holds other meanings to different subcultures and faiths. The cross shape dates back to before the Christian religion, has been a part of Paganism for centuries, and has been adopted (maybe subversively) as part of the Gothic culture.

Just because your talisman or symbol becomes a trend doesn't make it any less meaningless in your eyes, and that's what counts, right? I symbol has the power other people give it but it is most powerful with the meaning that the wearer gives it. If you want to wear a cross as a fashion statement, don't let being PC stop you.

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Elisa B said...

I think that in your scrapbook there are various interpretations of wearing a cross symbol!
Some are completely for the trend's sake, and some are with subversive intents.
Like Madonna: don't you think she actually adopted all these cristian symbols and name to provoke back in '80s? Think only about "Like a prayer" video. She used the symbols to be offensive. She did it on purpose.
Then, back to our days, I think that no one thinks about using a cross to be offensive on purpose! Itìs a symbol like many others, and as you say, it's been used since forever (it actually comes from the pagan Wheel of the Year: the cross does join equinoxes and solstices). It's a symbol that's been in our DNA forever, and for this reason, it is burdened with meaning, positive and negative as well.
I like the symbol, I use it, but I'm atheist. For me it's like a way to say "hey, I don't give a damn about your fake religion and I use those symbols because they're beautiful, and yes, Jesus Christ was a great marketing expert!" . But that's just me. I was born in the middle of a christian community, and I live in the Vatican country, so I particularly feel the topic. Sorry for bothering you so much ahah!