Thursday, February 03, 2011

[OOTD] Love Me, Love My Giant Bow

Daily Outfit, Fashion Blog, OOTD, Oversize BowAs many may know, Dallas is hosting the Super Bowl this coming weekend so this week should have been hustle and bustle throughout, but Mother Nature had other plans, as she always does, and literally froze everyone's excitement. Except mine. I'm not a sports fan so this weekend will be just like any other... only with more traffic.

The temperature hasn't been above freezing and roads are covered with ice. After three days, however, once cabin fever started setting in, the city started thawing itself. I braved a frozen bridge this morning for $30 before taxes.

Layering is of the utmost importance right now as are boots. The bow, however, is just an extra.

Alex almost refused to go out in public with me wearing this bow. It's one of "those fashion things" she doesn't quite "understand" about me. I argue that there's nothing to "understand" - it's a giant bow, on my head, that hits the top of my car when I get in. Although, I'm tired of being called Minnie Mouse.

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