Wednesday, February 02, 2011

[DIGITAL GEEK] Tap Mall for Iphone

This is the #1 game on my iPhone right now. It's strangely addictive. The point is simply to run a small boutique by buying merchandise, displays, decorations and, ultimately, expanding. You start of with a few coins to buy some initial merchandise. You sell it, earn more coins and level up. You can only buy certain pieces depending on your level so the higher the level, the cuter the clothes. There's also really trendy pieces for Mallbucks but you have to pay for those, which I don't.

But there's a tiny thrill I get from this game that I think stems from my desire to own a store. I use to help manage a table at local anime conventions selling art and there was always a rush in the exchange of money for goods. Maybe one day... A fashion boutique is for sure on my Lifetime Goals List.

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