Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] My Daily To-Do List for Becoming a Better Tweeter

I like Twitter. Though sometimes it feels pointless and cluttered with information, I actually like the nexus of quick opinions and observations. Hashtags are also a genius result of Twitter #justsaying. My account, however, doesn't really reflect my fondness for Twitter. Even my live-tweeting of Project Runway has fallen to wayside.

Today I was inspired by DKNY PR Girl's tumblr quote: "Pick one thing, just one - and do it better today than you ever have..." because it's about progress, not perfection. Any social media marketer worth his/her salt will tell you the same applies for Twitter.

As I mentioned yesterday, there is no giant, overall goal when it comes to social media. It doesn't matter if you're wanting 100 more followers or $1,000 more for this quarter, these are both small goals which will later be replaced by other small (but no less important) goals. Working with this theory, I wanted to give myself 10 small goals to complete daily on Twitter in hopes of becoming a better tweeter. Hands down better tweeting equals better content - and I'm sure that my 10 tweets per day minimum will accomplish that if I follow a plan.

1: Tweet a Media/Marketing LinkBecause marketing is such a big part of what I do (at least that's what my resume says), I like to read about how new communication tech and how people are recycling old marketing ideologies for a new generation. If I like it, somebody else probably will.
2: Tweet a Fashion Blog LinkMy Google Reader is 60% fashion blogs so it's obvious to see where my passions lie. I don't think this will be a hard "to-do".

3: Recommendation TweetI've seen a lot of these tweets start off as "I'm currently loving..." Human nature states that when something catches our eye or makes our Wish List, we have to recommend it to someone.
4: RetweetThis one is a given in becoming a better tweeter (just ask the million and one people who've written about it). I'm looking for tidbits that make me smile like inspirational quotes.
5: Reply to At Least One TweetAnd this means more than a "Yes" or "No". A good marketer will tell you that an intelligent response goes a long way

6: Tweet At Least One Instagram PictureIf you look for at least one good, interesting thing everyday day, you enrich your life. If you take a picture of it on Instagram, you enrich your Twitter feed (just make sure they're linked).
7: Tweet a Link Back to Your BlogWhat's the point of social media if you don't promote yourself just a little. My blog automatically publishes to my feed but on days I don't post, it's necessary to reference an older but relevant blog I wrote.
8: Picture of Someone's Personal or Street StyleI'm slightly obsessed with personal style. I love seeing how people translate trends, colors and event the items themselves into their own fashion language. I hope finding and tweeting one pic a day is not too much.
9: Tweet About Something Interesting You're DoingI know this sounds self-centered but so does most blogging and tweeting. There are occasions where I attend cool events or am watching or reading something interesting. I blog about most of them but a quick in-the-moment tweet shouldn't be so hard.
10: Tweet Something RandomThe last tweet is dedicated to me being me. I'm very random sometimes, I tend to yell at inanimate objects, and I was never diagnosed with attention deficit disorder but I swear I have it. This tweet will reflect that.

So what do you think of my 10-Step-Twitter-Plan?
Do you have one? Or is this one you could adopt and adjust for yourself?

Twitter Bird Icon via Icon Archive and recolored.

Monday, September 26, 2011

[MARKETING + MEDIA] The Cycle Continues: The Ever-Changing and Ever-Copying Face of Social Media

I gave in and activated my Google+ account to see what all the fuss is about. There's been a lot of talk about Google+ knocking Facebook off it's pedestal so it must be something new and amazing... Right? But after logging on, it just looks like Facebook. It has prettier icons and a more modern feel but the same overall function and features.
Social Media

I think the feature everyone was most excited about was Google+ Circles but Facebook has parried with Lists for your Friends. I've slowly started categorizing people but my 300+ Friends looks daunting - I can't imagine people who are past 1,000. The Lists are obvious knockoffs of Circles but social media is made up of the sharing (and stealing) of ideas.
Social Media
And now Facebook is rolling out with Timeline come October. While Timeline seems to be a response to the attention Google+ is getting, it seems to also be taking from MySpace. It looks like Facebook is going back to it's social media roots and adding a bit more customization (a MySpace feature I personally missed).
Social Media
Do you even remember MySpace? It was the social network that started it all - the profile page, internet fame, collecting friends and the reach of online advertising. Why wouldn't you take a few examples from it? ...Like modules. That's right Facebook, don't think I didn't notice how your design improved.
Social Media
I'm still wondering if Facebook has actually reached it's peak yet. Every business and their grandmother has a page, a lot of their recent changes are pissing people off, and, just like fashion, social media goes through dreaded cycles of mass acceptance and death. But there doesn't seem to be a noticeable amount of people jumping ship - at least not regular, non-media types (i.e. the majority of the population needed to make a social network work).

I'm still fumbling through Google+, dreading having to update yet another network and watching my Klout score go up and down like a drunk in a bouncehouse. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, no ultimate goal when it comes to social media because it never stops growing and thus your spot is never guaranteed. Google+ might be what's after Facebook but what's after that?

Twitter: The Next Generation... Tweet Long (up to 200 characters now) and Prosper

Sunday, September 25, 2011

[SAPPHIC SUNDAY] The Changing Face of Beauty

There's an image that comes to my mind when I think of Miss America: a typical beauty who has pageant queen written all over her. She's prim and proper-looking with Vaseline on her teeth and glitter on her eyes. And despite years of modernization and rebranding, that image has stuck. With movies like Miss Congeniality and shows like Toddlers and Tiaras, I'm sure I'm not the only one with this image in mind. But imagine if a girl got up on that stage with a mohawk and a tux.

For years, the competitions have been trying to shake the perception of being "just beauty pageants" by selecting competitors who exemplify leadership qualities and intelligence. Jenelle Hutcherson, a 25-year-old hair stylist, would ideally be a great Miss Long Beach 2012 as she's already deeply involved as a mentor in her community. However, she's an out lesbian whose looks don't quite fit the cookie-cutter aesthetic. She's even planning to wear a tux during the formal wear portion of the competition this coming November (which has been okay'd by the Long Beach pageant boss).

While some people may wonder, "So what?" it's hard to ignore when someone challenges social preconceptions. Imagine if she won - more and more people might get the idea that beauty comes in many different packages (which we all know it does).

Janelle has admitted that it's not about the crown but rather "it’s about getting up on that stage and standing up for what I care about." If you support what Jannelle is trying to do, make sure to Like her Facebook page.

Pics via Pageant Trivia and Janelle's Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Business Card Inspiration for the Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

This week, my web design homework has me contemplating design. Not just online but design when it comes to branding and making sure your message come across all mediums. The most important, I believe, is the business card. Apart from you, it's usually the first impression people get of your business.

About a month ago, I finally printed some cards that matched my new branding. I'm more than a blogger now, I'm also do web design, graphics and, occasionally, some marketing consulting. A few business card how-to's all agreed, though, that your business cards should always have the logo that appears on your blog - even if it's your blog name in a certain font. Consistency is key so make sure the color scheme also lines up.

As I looked online for inspiration, I was surprised that there weren't that many examples of original lifestyle blogger cards. I found a lot - especially among fashion bloggers - using the mini-cards from MOO printing.

I liked how the cards below addressed certain issues like "What do you do when your run more than one blog?" and "Can you fit blog, social media and contact info on one side?" Also, some people have started to write mini-"Who I Am"-paragraphs which I learned was a big no-no. But with online authenticity and emerging media, business cards aren't what they use to be - check out the ones with the QR code. And what if your blog isn't really a a business? Keep it simple on both sides.

Click cards pics to enlarge and flip through them.
Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style
1: Le Fashion 2: Marquis of Fashion
Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style
3: Style Blog 4: Life Give Me Fashion
Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style
5: DavaoFoodie 6: Definatalie
Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style
7: Nanyate.com 8: Business Card Project
Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style Fashion Business Cards, Blogger Business Cards, Business Card Style
9: Pop Culture Junkie 10: My Fashion Juice

FYI: Atlanta Style Bloggers has a really great article on blogger business cards, complete with diagram.

Monday, September 19, 2011

[RUNWAY JUNKIE] Bags and Vintage Fashions for AIDS Awareness

Putting together a fashion show is far from easy. In Dallas, we get a few organizations, promoters and production companies that try to produce one every few months but the Dallas Weekly fashion department seems to be producing one every month in hopes of showcasing local urban designers and boutiques.

This past Saturday, Mahiri Takai - Dallas Weekly fashion editor - hosted this month's intimate fashion show for AIDS awareness featuring two local businesses: Urban Relics and My Bag Boutique. It was kind of hard finding the theater in the Dallas Convention Center but the silver pants and hearing my girlfriend say she liked a purse was worth it.

These are a few highlights from the show, including a few purses I liked. The clothes wasn't as modern or trendy due to Urban Relics being a vintage resale shop. I normally don't like bags walking in fashion shows but because the runway was low and we were close to the stage, it worked out.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of looks on the runway but we'll see what Mahiri and Dallas Weekly come up with next month. Hopefully he can get more retailers on board. I truly believe, however, that every little show adds to the Dallas fashion scene, building up what could possibly become THE fashion capital of the South (United States).

[STREET SNAP] Ride Your Wild Side

I attended a small, intimate fashion show that was promoting AIDS awareness this past Saturday. I saw this young lady and instantly knew I had to get a picture of her cheetah print shirt. The close up was a bit out of focus but the fringe and studded patterns really convey "Cowgirl Chic". I forgot to ask her where she got that furry handbag... Grrr ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] What Are You Doing w/ Those Nails?? Top Nail Polish Trends

Nail Polish Trends, Nail Art, Glitter Nails
PIC: Zeyra Pupe Doll
Over the past few years, nails have become the new hot accessory. Before they were cute additions to your wardrobe, you got them done because it's kind of expected especially if you wanted a complete, polished look. The women were few and far in between who dared layer colors and designs. Some people outright thought it was juvenile.

But times have changed as they always do and tiny brushes, stickers, gems and nail polish strips have all made it easy for women (and some men) to really pay attention to what their nails say about them. For this Top 10 Tuesday, I was moved by IFB's Project #12: Nail Fun to see what everyone was doing with their nails and how many people had learned to (in comic book speak) bend nail polish to their will.

1: Yellow

It seems like this Summer was all about keeping it bright but as Fall sets in,
let's see how this trends adapts. I'm thinking accents.
PICS: SugarSpiceStyle / The Looks For Less / Modest Mademoiselle / Mommy Posh / Zeyra Pupe Doll

2: Lots of Lines

Ever since cheaper nail polish brands started coming with thin, salon-style brushes,
the single line at the top has evolved into plaids and intricate line patterns.
PICS: 365 Days of Nail Art / Loretta / The Looks For Less / Yui Lohan Pupe Doll

3: Shattered

I think the crackle nail polish trend is pretty self-explanatory -
we've seen it spread like wild fire across the blogging community.
PICS: In My Shoes / Do You Speak Gossip? / The Looks For Less / べか✿ちゃん Pupe Doll

4: Multi-colored

I remember in the 90's when I was about 10, it was mainstream to paint
each nail a different color. I heard the 90's are making a comeback.
PICS: Pirulito Pupe Doll / Cantabrigian / Style Island / Made With Love By Jackie B

5: Accented

A derivative of the multi-colored nails (and an old practice really) is the accent nail
where just one nail is not like the others, be it via color or design.
PICS: Classic Noise / Fashionable Unicorn / Sugar Coated Style / 365 Days of Nail Art

6: Leopard Print

As trendy as leopard print has been for the past couple of months, why would it not
become a nail trend? Haven't tried it yet? There's no shortage of tutorials.
PICS: Grit & Glamour / 365 Days of Nail Art / Shoe Pendant / Lily O. Pupe Doll

7: Dipped In Glitter

I don't think beaucoup glitter is trend as much as a classic. It's very simple
and very pretty. I have noticed more use of rainbow glitter though.
PICS: Grit & Glamour / Vita Beata Est / べか✿ちゃん Pupe Doll / Style Me Bad

8: Cosmic Inspiration

Blogger Grinning Soul did a tutorial for galaxy nails which made me notice quite a few nails that look like starry skies. It's more than glitter but the color and blending that remind me of space.
PICS: Grinning Soul / Hippilaz Man / The Fashion Planner / Queen Pupe Girl

9: Art Project

The detail and technique make these nails masterpieces. Some people use little brushes while others prefer stickers or newspaper. And check out the Missoni inspired nails - that's patience!
PICS: Wendy Brandes / All The Cool Kids / 燃子 Pupe Doll / Stylelist

10: Polka Dots

Polka dots is a classic print that is fairly easy to do.
Like tips and glitter, I think this style might also become a nail classic.
Fashion Junk / It's Because I Think Too Much / ♥♪MIRKA♪♥ Pupe Doll / HINAKO Pupe Doll / hyun-sha Pupe Doll

So are your nails currently following one of these trends?
What do you think your nails say about you?