Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Boot & Hat Weather Returns to Dallas
(Just In Time for FNO Tomorrow!)

I love Instagram - you'll notice if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook. It adds a little fun to photos. And in the spirit of fun photos I've decided to try something new with my outfit pics. This OOTD features a look I've really grown to love accessorizing: t-shirt and (lace) skirt.

The good news is that Dallas seems to be cooling in time for Fall Fashions. I can wear boots and hats without feeling stuffy. This means that FNO will NOT be in the three-digit temperatures which probably has everyone pulling out their Fall best. The bad news is that I'm still bogged down with freelance work, school starting and the Never After website that I probably won't be able to fully enjoy the three fashion shows I hope to attend.

The worst news is that my car may not be fully functional tomorrow. My dad is going to take a look at it right after I get off work and replace the part before all my belts burn out at once. We MIGHT be done by 6pm but who knows.

Photo fun via Pixlr-o-Matic which lets you do the Instagram thing with photos on your computer with more filters.

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