Monday, September 19, 2011

[RUNWAY JUNKIE] Bags and Vintage Fashions for AIDS Awareness

Putting together a fashion show is far from easy. In Dallas, we get a few organizations, promoters and production companies that try to produce one every few months but the Dallas Weekly fashion department seems to be producing one every month in hopes of showcasing local urban designers and boutiques.

This past Saturday, Mahiri Takai - Dallas Weekly fashion editor - hosted this month's intimate fashion show for AIDS awareness featuring two local businesses: Urban Relics and My Bag Boutique. It was kind of hard finding the theater in the Dallas Convention Center but the silver pants and hearing my girlfriend say she liked a purse was worth it.

These are a few highlights from the show, including a few purses I liked. The clothes wasn't as modern or trendy due to Urban Relics being a vintage resale shop. I normally don't like bags walking in fashion shows but because the runway was low and we were close to the stage, it worked out.

I was a little disappointed in the lack of looks on the runway but we'll see what Mahiri and Dallas Weekly come up with next month. Hopefully he can get more retailers on board. I truly believe, however, that every little show adds to the Dallas fashion scene, building up what could possibly become THE fashion capital of the South (United States).

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Bailey Phillips said...

Those are pretty bags. I love the big bulky orange bag. It's to die for.

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