Monday, June 22, 2009

[STREET SNAP] A Hot Day at Borders Books

Borders Bookstore, Bookworm Style, Dallas Street Style

Last Monday was an incredibly hot day in Dallas. I was at Borders and I caught sight of Alyssa, a photography student from North Carolina. Her top was great for the weather.

I enjoyed her outfit enough to model today's Poupee Girl after her, though with a few adjustments. I think her bandana would have looked great as a hipster scarf.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[TREND WATCH] A Sudden Rise in Gay Vests

I'm going to start this with a question posed to me by my girlfriend's mother: "The vest - is it a gay thing?" I was wearing one with my work outfit yesterday, and it's pretty much become a staple in my wardrobe. Then, on Sunday, I noticed an over-abundance of vests at S4. I know I was wearing one, but so was everyone else! First, my friend Yuki in a pinstripe hoodie vest below:

Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests

Personally, it's one of my favorite pieces because you can dress it up or down, you can wear it with pants, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, dresses - almost anything!

Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests
Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests

The great thing about vests is that they can can be casual or cool. It's one of those lucky clothing items that is both feminine and masculine - and at the same time, neither. I'm sure the gender-neutrality is what makes it trendy among the gay community.

Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests Gay Vest Trend, Trendy Vests

There were a couple of vests on the Fall/Winter 2009 Runway, however, it's too hot for the big fuzzy vests right now.

Runway Vests
Anna Sui
Runway Vests
Diesel Black & Gold
Runway Vests
Oscar de la Renta
Runway Vests
Miss Sixty

For more vest pictures from that night, look at my Vest Album - there's a few more designer pics too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Sunday Night @ S4

It is 11 AM when I start this. I'm at work and tired as hell. But, damn, I had fun. Two games of pool, grinding on cute girls, well-dressed people and a horny girlfriend make for an awesome night. I ran out of my mini business cards, but that's probably a good thing, right? (^__^)

On the left is Jennifer with the awesome hair and the cool aura. Journey on the right runs a Promotions Group for Dallas.

Scott Prince, & his boyfriend Michael Counter, on the left said it was all about The Tie.

Piercings as a fashion accessory - Thoughts?

On the left is Tyrone the Hairstylist. Last night was apparently TAME for him. Cami on the right is in Dallas from Austin for just one night. Loving the Cowboy Boots and Pearls.

Monday, June 08, 2009

[STREET SNAP] A Weekend At The Arlington Highlands

You know you're broke when you go cash a small jar of change and pray for $10 - then you do a happy dance in public when you realize it's actually $20.50. And THEN, you go to Family Dollar to buy flip-flops and lunch supplies like PB&J. Yes, I am very broke, at least until Friday (PAYDAY!)

So Sunday, we started the day off with a friendly game of football. I was sweaty and hungry as hell but that didn't stop me from taking pictures.

This is my gf's friend Hannah. She had a matching hoodie for her bag but I didn't get a pic. The night became a little tense. Girl Drama. At Freebirds, I coveted Shannon's Juicy Couture bag. I'm a bag person - it's genetic (MOM!).

Her hair looks cute - I think pigtails should be timeless.

Fashion Photographer Eric Ganison - Distressed Denim Makes a Comeback :)
Check Out His Photography Website (It's Glossy!)