Monday, June 15, 2009

[STREET SNAP] Sunday Night @ S4

It is 11 AM when I start this. I'm at work and tired as hell. But, damn, I had fun. Two games of pool, grinding on cute girls, well-dressed people and a horny girlfriend make for an awesome night. I ran out of my mini business cards, but that's probably a good thing, right? (^__^)

On the left is Jennifer with the awesome hair and the cool aura. Journey on the right runs a Promotions Group for Dallas.

Scott Prince, & his boyfriend Michael Counter, on the left said it was all about The Tie.

Piercings as a fashion accessory - Thoughts?

On the left is Tyrone the Hairstylist. Last night was apparently TAME for him. Cami on the right is in Dallas from Austin for just one night. Loving the Cowboy Boots and Pearls.

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