Thursday, November 04, 2010

Style Notes From Fashion Advertising Class (Nov.3)

Some "street style" from my Fashion Advertising class. Does it count as Street Style if we were in the hallway? It was rainy and cold yesterday morning but by 6p, the sun had decided to grace us with its presence.

One of our classmates brought us an exclusive 30%-Off BFF Coupon for BCBGeneration stores Nov 4-8. There's only a few nationally. The only one in Texas is at the Dallas Galleria. If your do go to the one at Dallas Galleria, ask for Daniel to help you.

Click the Picture for the Printer Friendly (Larger) Version

Google Maps identified one in California, one in Miami and one in Florida. Check out the website's Store Locator to see if there's a BCBGeneration near you.

With only 30 minutes to go, we had to put together another postcard for a different design student. This time, though, we worked as a team for some quick branding and layout ideas. It's a mock-up - none of the websites are real - but that's her sketch and color scheme (though I recommended a dark denim skirt over the original white one).

I liked working with the Pristine brand more because the target market was 19-35yrs. It was easier to relate to and I felt that we had more mediums to promote it.

What do you think of our finished postcard? Does it speak to you? Would you attend her fashion show?

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