Tuesday, November 09, 2010

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Reasons You Should Watch BravoTV's The Fashion Show

Do you remember last year when Project Runway got a new home on Lifetime? BravoTV was left with a huge hole in it's lifestyle programming. They had food, hair, fitness and love but nothing for the fashionistas in it's demographic.

Enter The Fashion Show - 15 fashion designers competing for $125k and the chance to have their line sold at retail. Sound familiar?

But despite the obvious rip-off of Project Runway, Season 2 just started. Now the designers are competing in fashion houses but ultimately there can only be one winner. I like what I saw on the premiere and I encourage any fans of PR to watch because...

1: You're Already Missing Project Runway
Admit it: you like watching fashion designers lose it in the work room.

2: Gretchen Won Project Runway
If you're part of #TeamMondo, and you were screaming at your TV or on Twitter during the Finale, maybe you NEED a break from Project Runway. The Fashion Show gives you a new designer to relate to, root for and Tweet about. Maybe your #Team will actually win this season.

3: They Hit the Ground Running
On top of the introductions, there was a fashion show in the first 5 minutes that gave you an idea of each designer's asthetic. Are you picking out your #Team yet?

4: The Format is Different
Sure there are 12 designers pitted against each other, but now they're divided into 2 fashion houses. I noticed some one them needed to be schooled in what makes a fashion collection cohesive while others just needed tips on teamwork.

5: "Return of the Green Peace Yuppies"
One designer - David - said he had a collection called "Return of the Green Peace Yuppies" and it was inspired by space and the 80's. Can't wait to see what he brings to the runway.

6: Calvin = Bitchy Know-It-All
He's already established that he doesn't like his team nor their ideas. He's seems very confused by people working together, and he has this weird evil laugh. I wonder if they can change teams in the middle because I'd hate to be on House of Emerald Six.

7: Issac Mizrahi Thinks He's Tim Gunn
But he can't be because he's a judge. I've seen other shows he's done and I think he needs to let more of his personality come out.

8: It's Tuesday
What else do you do after Glee?

9: There was a Noose on a Dress
Designer Michael from the House of Nami (Iman spelled backwards, originality much?) did a white dress with a brown noose - can't wait to see how far he gets.

10: Support Fashion-Related Programming
There's not a lot of shows geared towards fashionistas, and those that are either make it work (i.e. Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, How Do I Look?) or drop out quickly (i.e. Kell on Earth, WB's Fashionista). And what happened to Running in Heels? Even with the Style Network, I think more people need to tune into fashion-related shows across the board so we'll get more.

So will you be tuning in to watch The Fashion Show?

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