Tuesday, November 02, 2010

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] P.E.E. Shows Us How to Do Leather & Lace No Matter Your Size or Gender

Local style & entertainment event producers P.E.E. (Publik Empire Entertainment) held their 2nd Annual Leather and Lace Party this past Friday.

The dress code of the night was Leather & Lace, of course. Most people opted for one or the other but P.E.E. provided a pair of models to show us how to mix them.

There were a few details that were prevalent among the guests, like the lace dress and the color black. My girlfriend and I decided to compliment each other with a faux-leather dress for me and lace shirt for her.

1: Black Lace Top

My girlfriend went out and bought herself a lace shirt just for this event. I think I'm rubbing off on her. A lace top is good for adding that extra touch without bringing too much attention. My girlfriend likes to make her hats the statement pieces.

2: Lace & Sequins

Sequins and lace make big statements alone. If you want to mix both, like the guy on the left, use a little bit of each and try now to overlap them too much. If you have shirt that mixes both, like the lady on the right, dress it down with plain colors and minimalist jewelry to avoid looking tacky.

3: Long-Sleeve Lace Dress

This type of dress can easily cross the line between sexy and slutty. Done the right way, it can even be elegant.

4: All Black w/ a Pop of Color

5: Full Leather Suit

Out hosts of the night were Cortney and Uel, pictured in the photo above. Uel sported a leather suit with a pencil skirt. Classy.

6: Gloves

Throwback to the 80's with some gloves - leather or lace.

7: Don't Hide Your Bra

While I don't recommend the look for a cocktail party, feel free to show off at your local nightclub.

8: Make It Wild

Bring out your inner huntress by mixing leather with animal prints or feathers.

9: Do It In White

10: Leather Vests w/ Lace Tights

These were our beautiful models of the night sporting the themed look.

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