Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[TOP TUESDAY LIST] 8 Vampires With Bloody Awesome (& Inspirational) Style

Despite an obsession with vampires that started at an early age with books, I've never finished an Anne Rice novel. There are also so many vampire movies I have yet to watch (most of them from the 70's). But despite these looming truths, I still consider myself quite the vampire expert... and I have the lore books to back it up (LOL).

One aspect I love about vampires on screen, as opposed to in books, is seeing how the costume designers personify their age, attitude and overall style. Because anyone who has has been young and nearly immortal for a number of years has to have style (unless you're Bill Compton).

I recently went to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and loved every minute of it. Apart from the premise of vampire hunter who becomes president, the action and cinematography make it a must see. The costumes were pretty much time pieces, though the vampires had some extra touches.

I've noticed this a lot in vampire films - everyone is dressed normally and for their time, but then the main vampires and hunters have outfits that stretch the imagination just a bit farther (for instance Anna Valerious of the Van Helsing movie). That's what a good vampire does - stretch your imagination a bit - and they couldn't do it without the right look.

These are my favorites:
  1. Pam, True Blood
    She is the very definition of vampire chic, from her outfits to her attitude. Her style perfectly reflects the darkness that comes with being a vampire, and still manages to incorporate high fashion silhouettes and the color pink.

  2. Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    His wardrobe never goes beyond the vampire's quintessential black and red, yet this defines his character. He starts off as just another evil vampire who has killed two slayers (wearing the trench from one as a trophy) but he grows to be more. And there's no enying how cool he looked in 70's punk.

  3. Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    As Spike's girlfriend, she doesn't really compliment his vampiric simplicity. Rather her style is influenced by the Victorian era in which she was born.

  4. Lestat, Queen of the Damned
    Although he spends most of the movie with almost no clothing, I love how his few outfits scream "Rockstar" and not "Vampire" - which is very much his tortured diva personality. Even in Interview with the Vampire, he was flamboyant.

  5. Nora, We Are the Night
    This is a lesser known vampire movie that is on Netflix right now. Nora is the youngest of the vampire group and has that little sister vibe. Unlike the dark styles in the rest of the movie, hers is bright and reminds me of Japanese street fashion.

  6. Danica Talos, Blade Trinity
    She is a crazy b*tc# if there ever was one but she managed to look so polished and yet keep her edge. It this balance that makes her a vampire style icon. I also really love her bangs-turned-fauxhawk.

  7. Queen Sophie Anne, True Blood
    Another example that vampires don't only wear black, though I think the white and cream clothing was meant to reflect luxury. And as the Queen of Louisiana, she sure knew about luxury and polish.

  8. Selene, Underworld
    Selene's style is even simpler than Spike's yet conveys everything you need to know about her: she's deadly, efficient and lurks in dark corners. Also, she is undead as I would find it difficult to breathe while wearing a corset and kicking ass. Would you consider her guns as accessories?

Pictures via Fan Pop & We Heart It


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