Wednesday, July 04, 2012

[WISHLIST WEDNESDAY] Chanel Fall Couture Show Gives Us New Vintage And Glittery Legs

In her recent coverage of the Chanel Fall 2012 Couture Show,'s Cheryl Wischhover asked, "Are we all going to be wearing shiny pantyhose this fall?" My only thought was, "Hell yes please."

I really liked the shiny stockings because they brought a touch of light to the somber collection. And don't take somber in a bad way, I just mean that the colors and shapes convey a gloomy kind of beauty. It's the kind of beauty that catches your eye on a stormy day, when the good memories of lost love leave you with a single tear.

After reading the article and having these borderline emo thoughts, I instantly took to the web to find some "shiny pantyhose" and "glitter stockings". Whether or not they'll be a hot Fall item is still up in the air but I sure enjoyed them. And Chanel proves that they look amazing with a wardrobe comprised mostly of black.

If you look on Google, you will find a lot of glitter stockings for under $10, most of them by Leg Avenue. I've purchased Leg Avenue hosiery before but I don't remember much about the quality.

If you really want a deal, Ebay has various sellers peddling "shiny pantyhose" in various colors, not just Chanel's black-silver shade. The only problem there is you get what you pay for, but at $3.59 a pair, I'm taking the risk to try them. Hopefully, by the time they arrive, the weather will have cooled down and wearing them won't be uncomfortably hot.

Runway pics via & Pantyhose pic via Ebay Listing I'm Buying

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