Thursday, July 12, 2012

[SPONSORED POST] 1 Website, Two Tops And Then Some That Made Me Sway ( Review)

Not to quote their About Page but "fun sense of style" is the perfect way to describe's selection. While it does stay on trend, the brick-and-mortar-tunred online retailer carries the kind of pieces that would get you noticed (especially in parts of Dallas) for being a tad funky and, well, chic.

They contacted me recently about reviewing their website, so the first thing I did was put on my geeky web designer glasses and examine the sites layout. As more and more business move online, a store's web presentation is just as important as the physical store. For instance, who likes shopping in a messy store where items are hard to find? And isn't it normally a store's decor that draws you and and let's you know that it carries products you'd like? (That rant is for another post.)

With a white background and dual-tone color scheme, it seems that the floors on are squeaky clean. The layout is very open and links are easy to find. Onto the clothes and shoes my shallow little heart took me but be warned that there is no sorting mechanism apart from the main item categories (dresses, tops, brights, jewelry, etc..)

They granted me enough credit for two moderately-priced items, which weren't very hard to pick. The selection is very colorful and fun, and while the bold colors were eyecatching, I gravitated to the black. Even in this heat, it's my kryptonite. FYI, there are plenty of sheer tops and tanks for these hot summer days you'd rather be naked - like these two they just added.

I first fell in love with the black Claws tank below. But apparently so did a lot of other people because it was sold out in my size. I actually came across the words "SOLD OUT" quite a bit. It was quite annoying when I also fell in love with the suede wedges that were Sold Out in size 8. And here I thought my "individual style choices" made me a special snowflake! [^__^]

I ended up choosing the two shirts at the end: Galatic Sheer Button Up & Metallic Print Tank. I was a little worried (and disappointed) that the largest size they carried was an L because I normally wear XL. However, the tops I chose were originally loose-fitting (as is the trend) and fit really well - as you can see below.

The fabric on the tank top is light and soft, which is perfect for this weather. I've gotten compliments on the asymmetry of the Galactic top but the sheer feels little thick when I'm outside. Did I mention it's the kind of summmer you spend naked? Alex told me that while cosmic shirts may be considered chic by some, this one just makes me look like a bigger nerd. Something about spending too much time reading about aliens, black holes and loving the movie Contact.


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