Monday, July 30, 2012

[GEEK OUT] Victorian Geek and Vampire Colors Inspire Fall Fashion

Sirius Black and the Green Goblin are back from the dead! ...And wearing geek-inspired Prada. Although it's not my "thing", I'm an admirer of the Steampunk style and fantasy. Alex, on the other hand, is quickly falling with the fiction and aesthetic - she might even dress up as soon as we have money to spend on the clothing and accessories. She is currently making a wishlist with Prada's new Fall menswear collection.

I love "what if" fiction - this one just happens to come with a wardrobe. The main Steampunk details to note in the collection are the circular glasses, high collars and, the double-breasted suit and vest. I foresee menswear getting more dapper as the fashion seasons pass, and this Steampunk-inspired collection is the perfect example that men need more choices.

The geekery continues with a follow up to my Top 8 Vampires post. After flipping through Marie Claire and Bazaar for the past two months, I noticed a trend in deep vampy reds and purples. In vampire fiction, the deep red, burgundies and plums have always been symbolic of the blood and luxury that is normally romanticized in the stories. Personally, I wouldn't mind a dozen women walking down the street with blood red lips and dark purple nails, or vice versa.

I've currently fallen in love with Essie's Devils' Advocate and wouldn't mind a lipstick to match.

Pictures via Design Taxi, We Heart it, Marie Claire August 2012 and Bazaar August 2012.

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