Monday, August 13, 2012

[STREET SNAP] Geeks Converge at the Bookstore and This Guy Knows How to Accessorize

Going out and partying on the weekend is so faux pas, right? Especially when you've fallen in love with a bookworm. Financial strains recently led us to spend Saturday night at Barnes & Nobles. I'm not really complaining - there are nights when I'd rather read manga and sip coffee than push past hot bodies and drink overpriced Vodka (I actually think that's this Friday).

If we had gone out dancing, I would have never seen Aaron, a local leather artisan, looking very much like a modern rogue. His impressive scale-mail (forearm) caught both mine and Alex's attention immediately. There was a pause before one of us asked, "Is he going to Scarborough Faire?"

Dallas Arlington Street Style, Geek Fashion, Geeky Menswear

Seeing him, however, made me realize how little men accessorize in contrast with geek men. Geeky guys are not afraid to enhance their style while representing the things they love. How else could those printed sweatbands become so popular?

If you would like to see more of Aaron's creations, you can check out his Scales of the Serpent Blog.

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