Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[TOP 10 TUE] Movies Every Fashionista Should Watch & Own

10 movies that appeal to my fashionista-side. Some of them entertain, some of them inform but mostly these movies inspire.

Judging by the trailer, Factory Girl could have easily made the list but I don't want to recommend a movie I haven't seen.

Devil Wears Prada is #1, of course.

1: Devil Wears Prada

"RUNWAY is a fashion magazine so an interest in fashion is crucial..."

"You have no style or sense of fashion... No, no, that wasn't a question."

The first time I watched it with my family, my mom turns to me halfway through the movie and says, "And you WANT to be in this business??" - It sounded funnier in Spanglish.

2: Zoolander

Will Ferrel as top fashion designer Mugatu is priceless.

3: The September Issue

"There's something about fashion that can make people very nervous."

It's the documentary that taught people that "September is the January of fashion".
I hate to admit that I have yet to buy my copy.

4: Confessions of a Shopaholic

It's hard not to watch this movie and see parts of myself.
"You speak Prada??"
If you haven't seen it, it's got more laughs than DWP but just as much style.

5: Clueless

"What the hell is that?!"
"A dress.."
"Says who?"
"Calvin Klein..."

This was the movie that first made me notice clothing as more than just clothing. I think that makes it a classic. I have to share my copy with my little sister for now.

6: Coco Chanel
I heard about this movie when Coco Avant Chanel was first announced. Some bloggers had posted that this new movie would be better than the Lifetime version. I'm happy I didn't listen to the negative reviews because I really enjoyed the movie - even more than Coco Avant Chanel.

There's defining moments for fashion as well as for Chanel. There's parts that you might recognize if you've seen Coco Avant Chanel.

I haven't been able to find it streaming but there are a few Torrent downloads for it. It's also available on Netflix and on Amazon for $7.50 - $12. I'm putting it on my Christmas list.

7: Valentino, The Last Emperor

"This was the best thing for me to make dresses; I'm a disaster in everything else."

"I love beauty. It's not my fault"

It's the first fashion movie I took Alex to see and she loved it because it's more than just a fashion movie, it's a love story on so many different levels.

8: Marie Antoinette
It's not modern fashion but a dreamy look into royal style & luxury. The montage of pastels, sweets and satins is only broken when you remember how the story ends.

9: Sex and the City Series

Got It

Need It. I made Alex go with me opening weekend.
She relates to Mr. Big - Is that good or bad?

10: The Runaways

If you look beyond the sex, drugs and rock-and-roll (LOL), you'll see that Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie has some great outfits. Add in Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett and Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley, and you have some of the best glam rock inspiration.

DISCLAIMER: I am not simply recommending this movie because Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett is the hottest thing since summer... there is actual fashion to be had from the first scene.

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