Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[STYLE SCRAPBOOK] Come On, Get Down With The Sickness

As I'm typing this, I'm coughing up my left lung at Barnes and Nobles.

The guy next to me actually looked up from his computer to make sure I wasn't dying and recommended lemon and honey. That's really sweet ... considering I should have a bio-hazard sign plastered to my forehead.

I've been chronically sick for more than a month now, with only a few days of rest in between. I spent the weekend indoors and only ventured out M-W for work. I'm really tempted to skip class and go home. Maybe if I cough enough, the teacher will get paranoid and send me home.

And that's what inspired today's scrapbook!

I really thought we were past flu season. I'm debating whether or not to buy a surgical mask at the local pharmacy to prevent anyone else from getting sinus headaches and chest pains and coughing instead of laughing. If I do, I'm totally taking out my little box of pyramid studs.

Then again, in my head, I like to pretend that the zombie virus begins with a cold virus that has mutated inside my body. So maybe I'll buy the mask after I get better to prevent any more sickness.

Pics via Japan Pulse, Disco Treats, Inventor Spot, Tokyo Fashion, Japanese Streets, and Trend Hunter.

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Nicole said...

I hope you feel betterrr ASAP!!! You def need some rest. I always take a day to do nothing but sleep and stay in bed an it helps speed up my recovery. :)