Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Busting Out of the Closet: A Corrected List of "Most Stylish Lesbians"

Most Stylish Lesbians, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion Last week Global Grind published called Hip-Pop's Most Stylish Lesbians, and needless to say, the list was pretty short. So short, in fact, that they just went ahead and added Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan - neither of whom have been confirmed as lesbians (Ronson has confirmed she's bisexual and Lindsay keeps people guessing).

I have nothing against bisexuals, I actually believe they exist, but if the article says "Stylish Lesbians", use all lesbians. You might confuse people into believing that we sleep with men. It sounds absurd but I've seen it happen a lot in media - people using the world "lesbian" when they mean "bisexual". And I blame this media for the guys who hear "lesbians" and instantly think they can get in on the action.

My gay agenda aside, I know there's to be a lack of lesbians in the Hip-Pop Culture - in general media to be more exact - but with a little research, the article/slideshow could have shed light on indie Lesbian music artists and gotten of good variety of stylish lesbians.

  1. Patricia Field
    How can you not have a "Most Stylish" list and not pay homage to the Mother of Style? She gets style points simply from her resume! For anyone who doesn't know, Patricia Fields - who styled Sex & the City and The Devil Wears Prada - is an out lesbian. Her quirky sense of style (with a spoonful of rock star) should not be ignored but I might let it slide because she's not technically part of the Hip-Pop culture (though she helped create it).
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Patricia Field, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  2. Ellen Degeneres
  3. Portia de Rossi
    Ellen and Portia both made Global Grind's list but I still felt the need to point out that they make a very stylish couple. Ellen, for her classic, tomboy-ish style which inspired a post back on her 53rd birthday, and Portia who does casual with a touch of chic and personality.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Portia de Rossi, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  4. Amber Heard
  5. Taysa van Ree
    Amber and Taysa are another couple who made the list and always look amazing on each other's arm. I especially love Taysa's creativity when it comes to her dresses.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Amber Heard, Taysa van Ree, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  6. Beth Ditto
    Not just a lesbian icon but a plus-size icon, she is not afraid of taking her fashion too far or too sparkly. If you still need convincing about her stylishness, you can also check out the music video "Heavy Cross".
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Beth Ditto, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  7. Leisha Hailey
  8. Camila Grey
    In case it's not evident, stylish lesbians come in pairs. Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray are not only bandmates for Uh Huh Her but they are also dating (or at least were last time I checked). Leisha's style is a bit cuter while Camila mixes elements of elegance and androgyny. You might recognize them from a recent Southwest Airlines debacle where they were kicked off the plane for kissing. More music video style below.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Leisha Hailey, Camila Grey, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  9. Tegan & Sara
    Because they're a twin-sister, rock duo, some people have the tendency to refer to them as one entiity - kind of how I did here. I think combined, they have a one up on Samantha Ronson's hipster-meets-young-boy style. The embedded song - "Superstar" - is my favorite, although Alex is a bigger fan.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Tegan & Sara, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

  10. Jessica Clark
    A model who has sworn off runways but continues to be featured in publications like Allure Magazine, Vogue India and Glamour Germany.
    Most Stylish Lesbians, Jessica Clark, Style Geek, Lesbian Fashion

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