Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[WISHLIST WEDNESDAY] Versace's Dark Crosses & Armoured Fall 2012 Runway Prepare Women For Battle

Hot on the heels of World Goth Day, Versace's 2012 Fall RTW popped up on my Reader exuding the right type of Darkness to be called Goth-inspired. I've dedicated posts to modern medieval style and crosses used in fashion, but this collection blends both in what seems to be a tribute to The Crusades.

Speaking of The Crusades, most of these pieces would be perfect for a Church assassin - like in the movie Priest. I could totally see them fitting in a dark, post-apocalyptic vampire movie (cover yourself in crosses and the vampires can't get you).

Cross motifs aren't as big a part of my wardrobe as they were five years ago. Seeing them more online (and on my sister), though, I feel nostalgic and want to incorporate them in again. I'll probably start with a tank or two, more rocker chic than the bedazzled, faith ones. These beautiful dresses by Versace, however nice, are way out of my price range.

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