Thursday, May 31, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Stripes, Spots & Batwings ~ Plus New Plans for Creepy Things

OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog A steady stream of web and print design business has been trickling in and keeping me busy lately. I just finished and, but I'm still working on and my own site Lots of tattoo websites - not that I'm complaining since I recently bought some flashy summer sandals (pictured below). I'm still getting the hang of walking in them as they are kind of heavy and don't like uneven surfaces.

I've also been asked to chair some fashion-related commitees, which I'm not able to talk about just yet. I'm excited but worried about time contraints. It was recently brought to my attention that I take my new netbook to every social outing, and that I've neglected my family for about two weeks (turns out my mom is starting a new job on Tuesday WTF). So it's probably not the best time to plan new projects but I think my brain would shrivel up and die if I stopped having ideas.

OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog
Pink Animal Print Tank, Walmart   •   Striped Skirt & Batwing Shawl, DOTS   •   Necklace & Belt, Hot Topic
OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog OOTD, Daily Outfit, Style Blog

The Beginning of Madame Creepy'sAttic
And what pray-tell is this new idea that threatens to burst hungrily from my head unless given full project status? It's not really a "new idea" but an old dream I had of owning a boutique that catered to people with darker, stranger tastes. So kind of like Hot Topic? Yes and no, because the twist is that Madame Creepy's Attic (working name) is a resell shop. So its more like Buffalo Exchange meets Hot Topic with a little bit of thrift thrown in.

I'm still working out the business plan but I'm taking Alex's suggestion and starting with an online storefront in the coming months. I hope one day it becomes a brick-and-mortar store (because I want to decorate the hell out of it) but I don't know if Dallas is the right city for it (though it would be nice in Deep Ellum).

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