Friday, May 04, 2012

[DAILY OUTIFT] She Decided To Start Living the Life She Imagined

We're going to Colorado on a mini-roadtrip this weekend. Just like that - Alex, our friend Allison and I are renting a gas-efficient car to drive 14 hours to see the Devil's Carnival in Denver with the hopes of seeing getting Emilie Autumn to sign Alex's arm and Terrance Zdunich to sign Allison's boob. We're not even staying that long since we have to return the rental car by Monday at 5pm.

When we decided to do this last weekend, the prospect of pulling our funds together for something so rushed gave me the worst anxiety. It's not the trip itself - I love the idea of picking up taking a quick trip. But it's just the idea that I love so much because, in reality, stretching your resources for something so fleeting is just irresponsible. What if we come back broke? What if we don't get Emilie's autograph? Will the trip have been in vain?

And that's why I've never taken one of these "Let's Just Do It" roadtrips that I hear and read so much about.

I've gone out of town for conventions and family trips but everything has always been pre-planned and budgeted months in advance. Nothing has ever been on a crazy lark that involves an autograph tattoo. It almost seems like the premise of a bad teen movie.

I guess at some point, however, you have to go beyond just reading about adventures and watching them in movies - you got to have your own. You have to take the crazy risk that fear always held you back from and really live life.

I'm guilty of preaching this ideal yet never completely following through. I've always played on the safe side of risks, never taking the plunge unless I had a well placed safety net. Maybe it's time I took my own advice... Although I can honestly say there is some netting for this adventure but not the sturdiest.

The title for this post came from a quote I saw on IFB's Pinterest that has resonated with me since I repined it. It's had me asking questions about the roads I never took but wanted to take. It illuminated a few regrets that I try not to think about but still haunt the moments in between my thoughts.

Life might be too short to do everything. We should, however, try to do as much as what makes us happy. We should stop trying to live through other people's stories and create our own - live the life you imagine - even if it means jumping blindly into a dark abyss.

There as much of a chance that there is pudding at the bottom as there is sharp rocks.

As for the outfit that goes with this little musing, it's got the same color scheme (even the makeup is matchy-matchy) as the jester outfit I'm planning to wear Sunday night. That one I will HAVE to post as I'm making the neck and wrist ruffles myself from glitter material.

The dangly earrings, red shoes, red zebra-print tank and black overshirt all came from local bargain clothing store that never ceases to disappoint me - I mean check out the shoes! The red skull tie and belt are from Hot Topic, the tights from Ebay and I recently bought the cuff on sale at Torrid. I bought the hair bow from Incorrigible Dames at the burlesque show in early April.

If you want to know exactly what we will be watching on Sunday, the trailer to the Devil's Carnival is below. It's from the same guys who did Repo! The Genetic Opera (which I'm a big geek for) - from the dark undertones even thought it's basically a musical.

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