Sunday, January 30, 2011

[SAPPHIC SUNDAY] Happy Birthday Ellen! 53 And Still Stylish

I can't imagine turning 53; I can barely get over just turning 25. I hope to still be alive and kicking like Ellen, who celebrated her 53rd birthday this past Wednesday (Go Team Aquarius!). She's proof that you don't have to stick to norms to be successful.

While her style isn't fashion forward or even as outlandish as personality, there is still something to be said about woman who make suits look good at 53. Her style is very butch but in a classic way. One could even say she's become the poster child for androgyny.

Has anyone else noticed that she really likes stuff around her neck?

If you look at her style, there's an ease even when she dresses up. If you want to steal her style, think comfortable on the bottom and pair it with a clean cut vest or blazer on top. Depending on the situation, you can toggle between a t-shirt and a white button-up. Don't forget the scarf!

Ellen Degeneres: 53 & Stylish

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StyleMeBAD said...

I LOVE Ellen!! She is so funny and such a role model.

Super cute how you made the collage to dress like her. I would rock it!! :)