Monday, January 24, 2011

[DAILY OUTFIT] Is This What a 25 Year Old Looks Like? Dresses Like?

Daily Outfit Fashion Blog I started school, a new job and turned 25 all in the same week. I'm feeling a small sense of achievement.

The outfit is what I wore on my first day of work. I was trying to be grown-up and wear a blazer but I can't help adding my own twist. My boss doesn't mind a little eccentric dressing in the office as he's the only one who meets with our clients. My co-worked can't imagine who I wear so many skirts. I might wear jeans tomorrow.

I've also started a small branding project with an old drawing I found on my hard drive. I think this logo girl (in my new header) encompasses more of the Style Geek persona than the old icon. And she symbolizes the jack-of-all-creative-trades I hope to be.


StyleMeBAD said...

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the big 25!! :)

Second I love the outfit and how you added your own twist. That blazer is super cute and a great fit.

Third I really like the new logo. She is pretty cool and I def see it representing you and your blog.

And Finally, the new job looks pretty cool. I like the ideas you came up with!

oh and an editorial calendar might actually be a smart idea. I need better organization on my blog with posts and things! Thanks for the idea. :)


Anonymous said...

i remember when you made that logo, im glad to see you using it again. I thought it always encompassed everything you wanted to represent. I hope your bday went well and that the new job is going to be great. Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss at the least you will land among the stars.(you have always been good at doing this) :)

Style Geek said...

@Nicole, Thanks! It was a lot of fun but I didn't do everything I wanted. Rebranding's a b*tch, tho - so many graphics to change, but I'm really feeling her.
*What do you think about a print planner vs. a phone or computer app for the digital planner?

@Anon, Thanks as well ... so you knew when I drew this... this makes you 1 of 4 people...

styleMeBAD said...

I am actually very old school and would probably prefer print..however I have started using my phone alot to keep on top of ideas and wat not. But I really enjoy sitting down and writing things out. I am nerdy that way. ;-)