Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Black, Blue & Birthday Drinks All Over

This is the outfit I wore to my friend Yuki's 21st birthday party this past weekend. It's a mix of thrift store (suede trench & striped shirt), local boutique (skirt from Ouch! Fashion) and Hot Topic (black wire necklace & belt off Alex's Tripp pants). I felt the stripes and chain were a small tribute to 90's Goth and Alex fervently agreed. She loves the darker side of my style. I'm starting to re-embrace it after a few years of believing I 'HAD' to grow out of it.

As for the party, Yuki's girlfriend had the whole night planned, starting with a limo (my first ride actually), followed by karaoke and hookah.

Me + Alex = Limo VirginsYuki = Mic, Yuki's GF = Drink
Party Time!Alex Singing "If I Die Young"Who the F*k Gave You the Mic??
Smoking Cigars - Like a BossRiding in a Limo - Like a Boss

I need to stop reading 9gag in my spare time. (-_-;)

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