Thursday, February 02, 2012

Birthstone Fashion for Amethyst Dreamers

I feel like I should have done one of these last month since January is my birthday month and garnets are my favorite gemstones. But I just started scrapbooking again - on and offline - so I felt this was a perfect post for the beginning of the month.

Amethyst, as many know, is the February birthstone and said to have special properties when worn by those born during this month. As it also rules the Crown chakra, many of its powers have to do with the mind and psychic awareness.

It's believed to protect against psychic attacks while bringing success and good luck. It also promotes chakra balance and mental stability, i.e. major stress reduction for February babies.

The gift of Amethyst is symbolic of protection, the power to overcome difficulties and understand hidden knowledge. These were part of the inspiration for my Polyvore set.

The girl is a pretty, sparkly urban gypsy with an airy, open vibe. She gives amethyst hair clips as gifts so to keep the stone close to the Crown chakra for maximum mind power.
Amethyst Dreamer (For February Babies)
Amethyst Dreamer (For February Babies) by Style Geek featuri

After doing the gem research and playing on Polyvore, I'm investing in an amethyst hair clip to compliment all the purple in my closet (thanks Mom) and for some much needed mental awareness.

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