Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] So What Happened At Fashion Week Dallas 2012??

As I finish up editing pictures and videos from the shows I attended at Fashion Week Dallas 2012, I wanted to share a quick (maybe 10 blogs and albums are not that quick) look at what this first annual event brought to Dallas.

"It's not Dallas Fashion Week," said producer Mahiri Takai, "It's how Dallas does Fashion Week."

Check out the links below and decide if Dallas pulled off a good Fashion Week. Personally, I think it was great for the first year and can't wait until 2013. I'll be posting my favorite shows and designers soon.

  1. Fashion Week Dallas Day One: Carolina Herrera Keeps it Pretty
    Kicking off Fashion Week Dallas 2012 is best done with an oversized jeweled anklet, a note proven last night as collections by SOCIAL List and Carolina Herrera shared the runway... via The Dallas Observer
  2. Fashion Week Dallas 2012 Day 2
    Fashion Week Dallas 2012 exulted on Tuesday night! Multiple stunning wedding dresses from Dallas’ Carpe Diem Bride were showcased on the runway at the cool venue... via Small 4 Style
  3. View More at the Carpe Diem Bride Facebook Album

  4. SPAZ Attends Fashion Week Dallas 2012
    Last week, we attended the city’s first annual Fashion Week Dallas 2012... The seven day fashion extravaganza included an exciting line-up... via SPAZ Magazine
  5. Big D does Big Fashion
    The genius behind Fashion Week Dallas, Mahiri Takai, claims that, for him, fashion is the "staple of artistic expression and the foundation of greatness"... via The Daily Campus
  6. View More From Day 3 at Darryl Gibson's Facebook Album

  7. Fashion Week Dallas 2012 Day 4
    The Fashion Week Dallas extravaganza continued Thursday with three runway shows. Can it get any better? The first show featured hats and headpieces designs... via Small 4 Style
  8. Girls Night Our PART II
    Last night Chastity from A Curvy Girl's Guide to Style and I hit the Dallas Fashion Week 2012 finale. The Red Ball Aids Benefit & Award Gala took place at the Texas Museum of Automotive History... via From "Rez" to the "City"
  9. "Fashion Week Dallas 2012" ~ The Wrap Up
    When I first began to see the advertisement for Fashion Week Dallas 2012 I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited. It was a reason to get out, which is all I need... via They're Just Clothes
  10. View More From Fashion Week Dallas at Shon Draeshyn Gardner's Facebook Album

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Small4Style said...

Thank you for featuring Small 4 Style on your blog! I had a great time at Fashion Week Dallas 2012! Looking forward to 2013!