Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[TOP 10 TUESDAY] Great Hat Ideas to Dress Your Head While It's Still Cold

The weather in Dallas has been steadily cold for six weeks which means hat season started four weeks ago. This is a joyful time for me because, while I love hats, summer in Texas is very unforgiving to extra layers, especially if they're on top of your head.

Inspired by mine and Alex's recent purchases (the knit stripped knit caps pictured on the right), my friend Allison just had to find herself a hat. So off we went for pizza and hat shopping. I'm sure Alex got tired of us trying on almost every hat of season but you can't make an informed decision without weighing your options (or at least that's my excuse when we go shopping).

We started off with flapper-style hats - hence the cigarettes - then moved on to something furrier. My hat seemed appropriate with the full moon coming up.

The animal-ear hats were popular with the anime crowd before they were ever in JC Penney or Rue 21. Their rise to the mainstream, however, has made them lighter on my wallet so I'll probably buy a new one while it's still cold. Plain black or cheetah print like the picture?

What i like most about hats is that they have a stand alone personality. Sure you can use one to complete an outfit but the hat doesn't neet the outfit as much as the outfit needs the hat. Even when they're just keeping heads warm, hats tend to say a lot on their own.

In the end, she bought the military-style cap on the left, which is a great offset to her casual gypsy style. I thought it was a tad ironic that it says "fashion blogger" more than my fuzzy knit cap but the dozen more hats I own make up for that.

I warned her that you can't just ever buy one hat. Like any accessory, they're a great reflection of our mood and who we feel like being that day, and for that reason, you need more than one.

So what kind of hat is favorite at the moment?

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Style Me B.A.D said...

Im so into slouchybskull caps right now. Normally im not much of a hat person bc my head is too big haha and its nit cold here in NY! Its crazy! 50 degrees in january is unreal!