Monday, February 06, 2012

[DAILY OUTFIT] Sparkly Dances In The Darkness Of The Night

Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD

I didn't realize until after I was dressed how much gray I was wearing. It's recently become a great alternative neutral to all the black in my closet.

Normally gray is a very sad and somber color, associated with cloudy days and depression - which is why I paired it with lots of shiny accessories. My friend used a wonderfully amazing Nikon D-SLR to take these pics of me attempting to pose, which turned into a funny wide-step dance. I was feeling the sequins.

Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD
Grey Sparkly OOTD Grey Sparkly OOTD

The silver sequin vest comes from a local place that sells really interesting clothing but no labels I can identify. Some pieces I've found are trendy while others look like they've been pulled from the streets of Japan. I just wish they had more cool stuff in my size.

I'll probably put a boutique page up on this blog in the next month which features fashions from this place as well as some new jewelry pieces from my girlfriend.


Style Me B.A.D said...

dresses with pockets are the best!!!

Style Geek said...

Yeah they are! But I always find myself using them as an alternative to purses and they droop LOL